Seniel Hannigan, the talented proprietor of Circuit Style, had her two young boys at a playground on-Island last weekend. They found a well-loved stuffed lion sitting lonely on a swing. Seniel is so considerate she left it there in case its human came to retrieve him. Worried about cold and rain, I put myself in charge of saving private lion. He is in my foster care now. If you were off-Island visitors I can send him by post. If your Island child is missing him let me know.

Sarah Powell is recovering from hand surgery. She is visiting friends off-Island in western Massachusetts. Sarah reports how beautiful it is there this time of year. Get well soon, Sarah. And bring us some apples.

Holly Nadler has returned to the Vineyard. I have not had any Holly sightings yet but hope to catch up soon. Her beloved companion, Huxley, passed in California in September. The two of them made quite a couple in town and on their many adventures together. We shall miss Huxley. Hugs to Holly.

Arnie Riesman informed me we are looking at the first week in November to reconvene the monthly poetry cafe at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. Ten dollars at the door will get you in for all the poetry and pie you can consume. I’ll see you there.

I had the surprise and pleasure of having Eileen Bemus stop by yesterday. Eileen and Allan decided last minute to drive up for the weekend. We are hoping to see them again in this beautiful month. She hinted at a Thanksgiving visit, too.

Angela Murphy and daughter Mary Afton crossed the big water to visit son and brother Hollis during his first semester at Saint Michael’s College last weekend. Angela brought all the care packages you give a freshman. The weather was outstanding. This was Angela’s first visit to Burlington. Next time I want to be invited. She has the nicest kids.

I am now in touch with Frances Downs, formerly of Martha’s Vineyard, now relocated to North Carolina. Her children grew up here. You may remember her multi-talented daughter, Nancy, who has the radio show host name of Angel of the Airwaves. Angel lives in Cambridge, continuing her active life with art, music and grandchildren. Angel’s husband, Glen A. Grant, a talented drummer, lover of all people, music and art, passed on Sept. 26. His nickname was the General and he had legions of followers. I have watched Angel take such good care of him these past many years. She has planned several celebrations of his life throughout this year and into 2020. We are all welcome to attend and revel in his great spirit.

Chris Hulbert and his faithful therapy dog Chiclet have made it to Los Angeles after a cross-country trip in their trailer. Lake Havasu and Burning Man were some of their prime stops. Chiclet spent a great summer here cheering up friends at Windemere and many of our veterans. I miss them greatly. Our library will began Sunday hours on Oct. 20 from noon to 4 p.m. Anniversary bouquets go out to Toby and Patty Codding who celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss on Sept. 27. Here is a couple who fell in love and stayed there.

Belated birthday balloons to Jeff Madison for Sept. 24; Tristan Israel aged gracefully on Sept. 30. Tristan also has a new CD out ready for your enjoyment.

Two of my heroes mark early October birthdays, and I consider them both saints. Jimmy Carter became 95 on Oct. 1, and the friend to all creatures great and small, St. Francis of Assisi, claimed Oct. 4. Many happy returns to all.

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