A member of the Edgartown fire department and former Oak Bluffs building inspector has been charged with possessing high-capacity magazines that are illegal in the state.

Raphael C. Magri, 35, of Edgartown is scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 15 on two counts of Sept. 18 charges in Edgartown of possessing large capacity feeding devices. According to a report filed in district court, Edgartown police found two 30-round “Hi-capacity” AR-15 ammunition magazines within a small ammunition storage can inside a safe at his Edgartown home.

Mr. Magri was appointed as an inspector in the Oak Bluffs building department in the summer of 2018. Oak Bluffs selectman Brian Packish confirmed that Mr. Magri resigned from his position with the building department earlier this month. Kim Lucas, a human resources professional with the town of Edgartown, said that as of Monday Mr. Magri is still employed by the Edgartown fire department.

According to the report filed in court, Edgartown police suspended Mr. Magri’s license to carry after he was involuntarily committed to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for mental health reasons. Edgartown police found the illegal magazines while inventorying other licensed weapons Mr. Magri had in his home after his license was suspended.