Life for the Allen family, father Albert and mother Leonora, was about to change in October 1929. Wall Street was about to go crazy with billions of dollars traded and lost leaving thousands of investors penniless and marking the longest economic downturn spiraling into the Great Depression.

But none of this likely seemed important to the Allens as they welcomed a daughter, Roberta, into the world. On Oct. 20, 1929 all eyes were laid on Roberta, and again on Oct. 20, 2019 all eyes were laid on Roberta as she celebrated her 90th birthday surrounded by family.

Roberta likes to go, go, go, and you can ofter spot her cruising to Menemsha to spend a few hours tending her Harbor Craft Shop or perhaps chatting with a friendly face over a Klondike Bar. Other times you might pass her zipping downtown in her black Toyota with a smile on her face as she is likely thinking about the game of bingo which lies ahead.

Although her husband Capt. James Douglas Morgan is missed, Roberta lights up when she speaks of the family that still surrounds her. Grandsons Colin and Patrick are doing some repairs at the shop, and great grandkids, Asa, Razmus, Nora and Wyld keep life exciting for our newest nonagenarian. You are loved, Roberta.

Weddings mark another reason to celebrate. Friends and family gathered on Oct. 19 at Captain Flanders House to celebrate the union of Jenna Zechner and Cody Coutinho. After a couple of weeks of topsy turvy weather, the sun chose to shine over the happy couple as they exchanged I-dos. The ceremony made way for a dance floor filled with folks spanning the decades and feast of Local Smoke fare and the most spectacular doughnut board one could possibly dream up. A sparkler sendoff ended the evenings festivities along with plenty of conversations about what a great party it was. The community is thrilled for these two. Congratulations Jenna and Cody.

Under the lights at the Barnstable Fair Grounds, the Christy kids, along with their cross country teammates, took to the unique three-lap course for the Twilight Invitational. Wren broke the high school record last year at this race and this year she beat her time again by an impressive 16 seconds — running 19:22 for the 5K course.

Eloise dropped 50 seconds off her time from last year, completing the course in 19:37. Big brother Dash had a solid race too as he prepares for his indoor track season.

Their father, Todd, pointed out an interesting fact: many of the top MVRHS cross country runners come from Chilmark. Perhaps it’s something in the water that gave El and Wren the opportunity to join the ranks of Genevieve Flanders, Alison Flanders and Gwen Mayhew to hold some of the top spots on the high school record board.

Congratulations to the Christy family on a weekend of great success.

Ann and Big Hal Noyes made their way east from their home in Steamboat Springs, Colo. to enjoy some quality grandkid time which, for Hal, included a fishing adventure with son in law John Keene and grandson Lathrop. The big one didn’t return to the harbor with them for a trip to one of the final derby weigh-ins, but the three generations did return with full hearts and sore cheeks from all the laughter. Laughter turns my thoughts to what this kooky clan might have up their sleeve for Halloween. Who remembers the year John sported long hair and the entire gang had the best 70s vibe in town? I sure do.

Regarding Halloween, if you have yet to reach out and let me know if your lights will be on in anticipation of ghoulish visitors, please do. Chilmark volunteer firefighters will host a get-together for our town’s children at the CCC on Oct. 31 at 5:30 p.m. with potluck sweets and sides. Then the kids will traverse the town seeking out goodies to fill their buckets and bags, but hopefully not their bellies all at once.

Trick or treat!

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