Suellen Lambert Lazarus and William Brandt Lazarus purchased 195 Middle Road in Chilmark from Suma V. Nair TRS and and Lazarus Nominee Trust for $1,242,000 on Oct. 17.


Oswaldo Z. Filho purchased 4 Haystack Lane in Edgartown from Lawrence B. Cohen and Suzanne Cohen for $820,000 on Oct. 16.

Mermaid LLC purchased 29 Ninteenth Street North in Edgartown from JMP Property & Development LLC for $475,000 on Oct. 16.

Patrick A. Lafley and Jutta V. Lafley purchased 12 Atwood Circle in Edgartown from Thomas C. Wallace and Stacy R. Wallace for $2,325,000 on Oct. 16.

Roswitha Morgenroth purchased 64 Norton Orchard Road in Edgartown from Priscilla M. Haberstroh for $700,000 on Oct. 17.

John Riegel and Amanda Riegel purchased 17 Pease Point Way North in Edgartown from Howell J. Kelly and Nancy W. Kelly for $2,950,000 on Oct. 18.

Bruce Sutherland Hulme, Nancy Stephan Hulme, Michael Shapank and Carol Shapanka purchased 89 Schoohouse Road in Edgartown from Robert G. Kilton TRS, Patricia B. Kilton TRS and Schoolhouse Road Realty Trust for $850,000 on Oct. 18.

Jeffrey Sharfstein and Carter Sharfstein purchased 55 North Neck Road in Edgartown from Charlotte T. Suhler TRS and the Suhler Family 2012 Irrevocable GST Trust Agreement for $5,400,000 on Oct. 18.

Susan A. Sanford purchased 12 Allen street in Edgartown from Richard M. Smith and Melissa M. Smith for $1,155,000 on Oct. 18.

Stephen H. Rusckowski and Deborah O’Hara Rusckowski purchased 53 South Water street in Edgartown from Einer Richard Elhauge and Julia Lord Elhauge for $10,000,000 on Oct. 18.

Oak Bluffs

Martha Hartel TRS, Paul J. Hartel TRS and Lighthouse Trust purchased 35 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Laurence Bilzerian for $2,015,000 on Oct. 15.

3 Black Diamond LLC purchased 15 Dover street in Oak Bluffs from Sabs Vineyard House LLC for $1,850,000 on Oct. 18.

Michellene Davis purchased 12 Pocasset avenue in Oak Bluffs from Barbara Morgan TRS and Morgan Realty Trust for $757,500 on Oct. 18.

Gary Stockman and Jennifer Swift purchased 5 Laurel avenue in Oak Bluffs from Charles F. Gandy III for $742,000 on Oct. 18.

Richard P. Ginnetti and Janet E. Ginnetti purchased 331 East Chop Drive in Oak Bluffs from Abigail S. Lehner and Wendy S. Lally for $832,500 on Oct. 16.

Vineyard Haven

Brett D. Orlove TRS and Dweck Family Trust purchased 3 Hines Point in Vineyard Haven from Lynn C. Tuck for $1,800,000 on Oct. 15.

Ronald J. Pine, June E. Pine and Ronald Pine Jr. purchased Lot 148 on Red Buoy Lane in Vineyard Haven from Idalyn L. Macchia-Gilstad, Charles R. Gilstad, Charles L. Creighton and Donna L. Creighton for $339,000 on Oct. 15.

Xerxes K. Aghassipour purchased 168 Norton avenue in Vineyard Haven from Bernadette D. Ponte for $720,000 on Oct. 16.

Bernadette Deirde Ponte and Lee Peter Bruni purchased Lot 5 on Ferro Way in Vineyard Haven from Elena M. Ferro Powers for $345,000 on Oct. 16.

Richard Dean Vanderwarker III TRS and Lynette Munez Vanderwarker TRS purchased 78 Quinsigamond avenue in Vineyard Haven from Lea Kenig for $1,271,000 on Oct. 18.

West Tisbury

David and Sarah Carr-Locke purchased 335 Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury from Lisa Foster TRS, Neal Kaplan TRS and 335 Lambert’s Cover Road Realty Trust for $1,495,000 on Oct. 15.