With temperatures still hovering around warm rather than cool, the Bonito are still showing themselves off the jetty. Capt. Mike Hamilton, off F/V Sinful, hooked into a beauty the other day and prepared it for dinner. You can get extravagant when preparing this little tuna cousin or you can simply sprinkle it with a little salt and pepper and grill or bake it. I prefer the simple method as I don’t have a whole lot of chef in my blood.

I’ve been anxiously following and awaiting the newest up-Island baby’s arrival and he’s finally here. Clifton Maris Colby was born to Sonia Mayrand and Lewis on Oct. 26. All are happy and well with pup Sway looking over her new little brother.

Although I was really hoping to share a birthday with the new little munchkin, he missed mine by a day, but landed straight into that of Erika Andresen. Happy birthday to Erika the eldest 40-something of Spider and Sarah. Although she’s in Colorado with her tween-teen boys, her adoring parents still celebrate her.

A big yippee needs to be shouted out to college freshman, Ava Stearns. After traveling to Lexington, Ky. for the National Horse Show, ASPCA Maclay National Championship, she rode beautifully, nearly to perfection, and found herself among some of the greatest riders in history. Her name will be added to the list, which began in 1933, as a true testament of skill and dedication. Congratulations to you, Ava, on a job very well done.

Chilmark Halloween was a wonderfully wild evening of giggles and adventure for our littlest people. The CCC hit nearly maximum capacity Thursday evening for the Chilmark Firefighters Association annual party. Stay tuned next week for all of the gory details—yes, a little bit of a pun was intended.

Once you can write an alphabet you can write words then pages then, perhaps a book. This week, I’m a little behind schedule so can only muster a few short paragraphs. Please know I’m thinking about all of you friends and neighbors and will give you more next week. For now, time is short and so I bid you adieu.