It’s nearly impossible to slip something by longtime Edgartown building inspector Lenny Jason: improperly fastened deck ledgers, botched electrical work, high fences. You name it, and Mr. Jason doesn’t miss it.

Unless of course it’s his retirement party.

Although a small group of friends were supposed to take Mr. Jason out to dinner last week — in fact conveying him to a surprise retirement party at The Wharf, Mr. Jason could not attend for personal reasons. Instead, Edgartown selectmen honored Mr. Jason on Tuesday, gifting him a plaque that commemorates his service to the town and playing a video tribute from the surprise party during their meeting.

Mr. Jason, who has served as building inspector for nearly 35 years, is set to retire at the end of this month.

“We have something that is a priority on our agenda today,” selectman Margaret Serpa said. “And that is to recognize and thank our building inspector for the service that he has given the town.”

Selectman Art Smadbeck then played a video of town counsel and old friend Ron Rappaport’s speech for Mr. Jason on the television screen in the town hall meeting room.

“He’s a rock,” Mr. Rappaport said. “When he gives you his word, he never changes his mind. A hurricane could blow through and he would never change his mind . . . And that’s a wonderful thing.”

“He’s also extremely stubborn,” Mr. Rappaport laughed.

Mr. Rappaport and Mr. Jason have worked together for the better part of three decades. In that span, Mr. Rappaport said that almost everyone he knew respected Mr. Jason and the work he did, even if they didn’t always agree with him. His most notable characteristic was that he was always fair.

“People who are contractors know, the two things you don’t try to do with Lenny, is sneak something by,” Mr. Rappaport said. “Because if you get caught that’s really bad. And don’t lie to him. But as long as you work with him, he’ll cooperate and be fair.”

Retired Edgartown town administrator Pam Dolby also provided remarks, describing lunches with Mr. Jason where he would discuss the hot news topics of the day, ranging from O.J.’s innocence to local politics. She touched on his propensity for scratch cards, the time he started dieting and his help with town hall building maintenance, telling a story about how he once asked Ms. Dolby to flush a second-floor men’s toilet after discovering a leak in the town clerk’s office. But upon opening the door of the stall, Ms. Dolby found the occupant still inside. She ran out, shocked.

She said his character is what deserves the most praise.

“He’s just a wonderful guy, that’s all I can say,” Mrs. Dolby concluded.

Both Mrs. Dolby and Mr. Rappaport attended the meeting on Tuesday.

“We don’t have any food, and we don’t have any beer,” Mr. Smadbeck said. “But that was what your friends said, and we’re happy we got to share it.”

Mr. Jason had his own kind, but characteristically concise words for those at the meeting Tuesday.

“It was really a good group. We got a lot done,” Mr. Jason said. “And I think it will continue.”