It’s almost here, that day full of fabulous tradition and community spirit is just around the corner. The kids have been lacing up their sneakers and stretching out their legs in anticipation of the annual Chilmark School Turkey Trot. On Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 11 a.m. the entire school, many friends, neighbors and alumni will walk, trot and, perhaps, even gallop their way down Middle Road from Beetlebung Corner to the end of Keith’s field and back. Instilling the notion of healthy bodies, healthy minds and good clean fun is what it’s all about.

After the run, the children enjoy a beautiful rendition of stone soup. For years it was Lillian Kellman who told the story and afterwards would share handmade bookmarks with each of the children. She is dearly missed.

If you are unfamiliar with the folk story, here is the gist of it. Travelers enter a village carrying nothing but a pot. The villagers are unwilling to share any food with them despite their hunger. The travelers fill the pot with water, a large stone and begin to heat it over a fire. The travelers explain they

are making stone soup which tastes delightful but is missing a few tasty items to really finish it off. The villagers begin to contribute seasoning, carrots, onions and so forth. They all sit down to a glorious meal inevitably prepared by all. By working together, with everyone pitching in just a little, a greater good and seemingly impossible task is achieved.

In light of the moral being taught at the school, let us make sure all of our friends and neighbors have something to give thanks for. An easy way to do that is by contributing $25 towards a Thanksgiving basket for a family in need who might be hit with some tough times. You can contribute through the Vineyard Committee on Hunger (VCOH) at PO Box 4685 Vineyard Haven, MA 02568. Another idea is to simply open your home to a neighbor who may not have family nearby to join for a meal.

Pizza night is still on the calendar for a few more weeks at the Chilmark Church, starting at 6 p.m.

We all should extend a thank you and a moment of appreciation to Stan Mercer, who after a number of years is stepping down from his role as the veterans representative for the Cemetery Commission. Thank you, Stan. In light of his retirement, the commissioners are looking for a veteran residing in Chilmark who would be interested in volunteering as the veterans grave officer. The criteria to serve in this appointment are to be a Chilmark resident, to have served in the armed forces for a minimum of 90 days, and at least one day of which was wartime service. Please reach out to Jenny Christy at the town hall or Sally Cook who is leading the search for the commission.

It might seem a bit early but the Firefighter’s Association is preparing for Santa’s visit to our children next month. Santa has asked for an updated list of the children in town from newborn through fifth grade. So, if you’ve added a wee one to your mix or if you are new to town, please email me with your kid’s information. To the rest of you moms and pops, if you have any questions regarding the upcoming visit from the big guy in red, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. The big night is Thursday, Dec. 19.

Speaking of firefighters, Gary Robinson welcomed a new Shepherd pup into his life. Lucky us, we will all get to see little Hank grow into his great big paws.

Linda Thompson has returned from a month long journey to New Zealand. I look forward to hearing tales of her adventure. Also in New Zealand are Matt and Molly Mayhew. They will be returning to the states in a short time after their year-long educational and fun adventure.

Today we wish a very happy birthday to, among others I’m sure, Judy Mayhew, Mariah and Jessica Campbell and Tara Larsen. May today and the upcoming year bring you happiness, laughter and joy.

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