Gene R. Liebel purchased 140 State Road in Chilmark from Stonewall Realty Trust II, Robert P. Alden TRS and CIBC National Trust Co. TRS for $4,400,000 on Nov. 20.


Old Faithful LLC purchased 34 Cow Bay Road in Edgartown from Island Gem LLC for $11,250,000 on Nov. 20.

Doherty Family Real Estate Management LLC purchased 20 School street in Edgartown from Kevin O’Hara TRS and Iatssci Trust for $4,400,000 on Nov. 21.

Gregory B. Carroll TRS, Eve C. Carroll TRS, Eve C. Domont TRS and GEC Realty Trust purchased 37 Witchwood Lane in Edgartown from Ralph Fargnoli Jr. TRS for $5,200,000 on Nov. 22.

MV Dream LLC purchased 230 Upper Main street in Edgartown from Margaret V. Kelley for $1,223,000 on Nov. 22.

Oak Bluffs

Moustapha Abounadi purchased 3 Nahomon street in Oak Bluffs from Nathan K. Ruff for $630,000 on Nov. 18.

James W. Clark and Linda M E Clark purchased 31 Pennacook avenue in Oak Bluffs from Eliza H. Minor Jr. for $600,000 on Nov. 20.

Ralph H. Groce III purchased 73 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Mary Lombardi for $1,665,000 on Nov. 20.

West Tisbury

Ann C. Brine TRS, William H. Brine TRS and Mabel Johnson Family Trust purchased 16 Edgartown Road in West Tisbury from Westport Art group Inc. for 1,080 on Nov. 18.

Cuttyhunk Avenue LLC purchased 47 Willow Tree Hollow in West Tisbury from Catherine W. Day-Carlosn and Robert C. Day Est. for $885,000 on Nov. 22.