A convivial crowd of well-wishers turned out to honor Susie Wallo with the Spirit of the Vineyard Award Tuesday evening at the Portuguese American Club in Oak Bluffs.

Current co-chairman of the Red Stocking Fund, former volunteer for Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard, board member for the Friends of Oak Bluffs and longtime resident of that town, active member of the Good Shepard Parish, real estate professional who teaches financial literacy to Island schoolchildren — Ms. Wallo’s volunteerism runs deep in the Vineyard community.

“She volunteers all over the Island, she does wonderful things and she makes a difference in the lives of every single person she meets,” said Marilyn Wortman, master of ceremonies for the event.

The award is sponsored by Vineyard Village at Home, where Ms. Wallo also volunteers.

She helps people like Elaine Boettcher of Edgartown remain in their homes through illness and infirmity.

“Susie’s brought me friendship,” the 89-year-old told the crowd. “We talk about everything.”

Addressing Ms. Wallo’s 96-year-old mother in New Hersey, who watched the event over a smartphone video link, Ms. Boettcher said: “You did yourself proud, and I’m here to tell you how much I love Susie. She so deserves this award.”

Others who added their praise included Kerry Alley, former longtime chairman of Red Stocking who recruited Ms. Wallo to take over when it came time for him to step down a few years ago.

“I lied to her and I told her it wasn’t a difficult job at all, it took no time,” Mr. Alley confessed, smiling. In fact he said it’s a major task that serves some 300 Island children with food, clothing and toys each Christmastime.

“I’m glad I lied,” Mr. Alley said.

Patti Leighton of the Martha’s Vineyard Bank saluted Ms. Wallo’s dedication to the Oak Bluffs School banking program, where she has donated her time for what Ms. Leighton estimated at nearly 750 weeks over the past 22 years.

“She has a relationship with just about every student at the school,” Ms. Leighton said. “We are so grateful for the star in our universe.”

It was also announced that Ms. Wallo had recently received the Good Neighbor Award from the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, which presented the Red Stocking Fund with a $1,500 donation and placed Ms. Wallo in a nationwide contest that could bring a further $10,000 contribution.

When it was her time to speak, Ms. Wallo’s voice trembled and broke as she began: “I’ve lived my life by the golden rule . . .

“We have so much,” she continued. “We are so blessed to live our lives here, and to realize on this beautiful, beautiful Island there are kids going to bed hungry, they don’t have winter clothes and they don’t have a lot of support at home — to realize that Red Stocking can do this tiny little piece to help children.”