Work has begun to remediate a heating oil spill that occurred just off Main street in Edgartown this past summer, with a construction crew fencing off two parking spaces and a portion of the sidewalk to excavate the polluted ground soil.

The work will continue for approximately five weeks, with access to the sidewalk around the building restricted for five to eight days, according to a letter from Bennett Environmental Associates copying the town Board of Health. Work is being done by Farrissey Tele-Comm personnel.

Although the oil spill occurred on private property, the town was notified of the spill as an abutter. Selectmen also approved the request to fence off the sidewalk during construction.

According to an immediate response action report compiled by Bennett and filed with the town board of health, the spill occurred on the morning of July 4, when a passerby noticed that a 330-gallon above ground heating oil storage tank at the rear of the 12 Main street property was actively leaking. Fire department personnel responded to the site and patched the leak. Approximately 100 gallons of oil were lost, according to the report.

Six days later, Bennett professionals tested soil around the tank, noting pollution in a ten-and-a-half-by-seven-foot area abutting the property.

“Field screening results reported organic vapor readings in HB-2, indicating significant impact to soils to the groundwater interface at 10 feet below grade,” the report says.

The report also stated that lab results showed elevated levels of other petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil immediately surrounding the tank. But other testing done further from the tank showed that the leak had been largely contained, with chemical levels below the minimum risk characterization.

Workers plan to remove 30 cubic yards of soil to remediate the property, as well as re-landscape the area. The polluted soil will be transported to an off-Island licensed recycling facility.

No work will occur on weekends, according to a sidewalk permit approved by town selectmen. Construction and remediation work is scheduled to continue through the New Year.