Well all is nearly prepared in most homes for Christmas. However there is still time for a tiny amount of last minute shopping. Vineyard Colors calendar makes a swell gift. All roads were headed to Chilmark Chocolates over the weekend as they will close their doors forever on Wednesday.

If you are shopping in the Providence area and have Portuguese blood you must make a pilgrimage to the Taunton Street Bakery in East Providence. Their orange cake is a specialty at this time of the year and it is out of this world.

Libby, over at the church, reports that the annual Children’s Pageant will be held at the Agricultural Hall, beginning at 5 p.m. All are welcome to attend. The church will also hold a later Christmas Eve service beginning at 10 p.m. at the church.

The 41st annual Solstice Party held by Katherine Long and the Jacksons was a huge success as always. The wide array of people that attended was impressive, the conversation delightful and the food prepared by many chefs nothing short of superb. A good time was had by all.

These folks with local connections want to wish you a Merry Christmas: Jen Wool, Kim Bartlett and Lisa Lillabridge up in Burlington, Vt.; Dr. Gabrielle Walker from London, England; Millie Fodor out in Lautenberg and Chrisa Mayhew in Plainview, Ohio; Toni Kurash and Simi Horwitz of New York city; the Plakins sisters, Ava, Tamara and Naomi, from Doylestown, Pa; Malcolm Hall of Oklahoma City; Jim Sessoms in Durham, N.C.; Diane Smith of Falmouth and Shannon Burke and Kay Allen down in Dripping Springs, Tex; Don Klepper-Smith and his wife Marcia; Walter Smith, from Augusta, Georgia and his wife Lisa, daughters Megan and Kelly, son Bruce and his wife Angie; and Joanie Wilson from Evans, Ga.

Sig Van Raan and his wife Susan Dickler extend holiday wishes to their friends and neighbors. Marian Irving and Geoff McCullough and family from Hingham pass along their very best for the Holidays. And Diane Nolan, Jack Ryan and Tara Dolan over at the post office wish to thank their customers for their patience, kindness and generosity and wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Olivia Larsen, over at the Library, reports that on Tuesday the library will be closing at 2 p.m. The library will be closed on Christmas Day. Also, when you drop by the library please check out their holiday cookbook sale. All proceeds benefit the Friends of the West Tisbury Library.

On December 22, 1949, the school presented their Christmas program the same afternoon it closed for the holidays. As the school was without heat due to an electrical failure the exercise was held in the Agricultural Hall. The play Mother Goose Land was presented by students, Joan Merry, Walter Vincent, Alice Churchill, Virginia Bardwell, Winifred Alley, Peggy Scott, Rita Alley, Constance Morrow, Meg Wilkinson, John Alley, George Churchill, Shirley Burt, Margaret Duquette, Dixon Rogers, Robin Elwell and Veronica Kelly. Christmas carols were sung by the entire school and recitations given by the students. Miss Helen R. O’Donnell, teacher for all four grades, directed the program with the assistance of Lydia Drew. Refreshments were served by the PTA.

Happy birthday to Rosalie Powell, who celebrates a significant birthday, along with Ray Gale, Alan Reed and John Jensen Dec. 20; Cathy Weiss, Alex Goethals, Emma Conley and Fausta Edey Dec. 21; Barbara Silk, Anie Chaves and Mary Lou Delong Dec. 22; Susan Graham, Cecelia McCarthy, Mark Clements, Wendy Gray, Dr. Caroline Flyer and Omar Rayyan on Dec. 23; Ann Howes, Holly Coyne, Marg Luening and Gabriel Robinson-Lynch on Dec. 24; Christopher Bird, Christina Montoya and Michael MacLean on Dec. 25; Glenn Jackson, Anna Hughes and Rachel Baumrin on Dec. 26. Belated Birthday wishes to Sarah Sessoms.

Well that is all of the social news for this edition. If you have any news about the holidays and guests at your house please call or email me. We want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season.