They call it stormy Monday. And so it is. I am not used to a Monday when I can’t claim a Patriots win on Sunday. My friends across the country have been enjoying teasing me. Two in particular — Al Stewart and Bill Carter — wasted no time weighing in with their glee at my loss yesterday. We shall see. Some people just love Island living. When the incredibly intelligent and always debonair Pete Sawyer, long one of our top deejays at WMVY, left here to earn his degree in English from Columbia University, he traveled and lighted upon the island of Taiwan where he has ended up running the English department at the university. While Peter’s family in Massachusetts was having their Christmas reunion, Pete and his nephew, Joseph Lucien Bergeron, were dodging raindrops in Taiwan and visiting the wonders of tiny Beipu Village. They took in monasteries, art, regional food and beautiful mansions. Peter also gamely played Santa Claus in full regalia at three holiday events. I so enjoy it when he posts pictures with his students. With any luck Peter will be back on Island next summer and we can interview him about his fascinating life.

The Dunham home on Skiff avenue decorates as beautifully as I remember the windows on Saks Fifth avenue. Martha hosted the large family gathering. Visiting from Boston were granddaughter Becca and her husband Leigh. Happy New Year to this delightful family. Anna Maria Cimeno stopped by with her delicious homemade Italian cookies and a wreath of bird food for my feathered friends. We can always count on Ria for good food and great smiles. Ria’s Mom, Anita Cimeno, is at Windemere, as are many of our dearest friends. Please go visit as you can. Don’t forget the nurses and staff love fruit and cookies.

The Nichols family held a reunion on Island for Christmas. Their dad and granddad, favorite school crossing guard Stephen Nichols, was thrilled to be in their company. I am glad he has a break from school, especially because of this chilly rain.

Leah Cimeno has her grandma visiting from Brazil. How exciting. Leah’s parents are James and Laiza Cimeno. A lot of great cooking is taking place at their home as we speak. Annette Sandrock is back from her successful new book tour in Portugal. She will be one of the featured poets at our next session of Poetry and Pie, presented by Arnie Reisman at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 8. Admission is $10 at the door of the Vineyard Playhouse. I’ll see you there.

Jane Flanders hosted family from on and off-Island at the celebration of life for her Dad, Leslie Flanders this past weekend. Condolences to all.

Sad news. Tommy Pachico died last Thursday night. Who does not have a few great Tommy Pachico stories? Sympathies go out to his large family and many, many friends.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Josh W. Crossland and Alicia Cimeno on Dec. 23. Janet Ginter grew one year more beautiful on Dec. 27. George Davis and Al Stewart, two of my besties who both happen to be lawyers, celebrated on Dec. 29. Claire O’Leary claimed Dec. 30. Nelson Smith partied on Dec. 31. And on Jan. 2, Tony Masi takes the cake. Many happy returns.