It is officially recorded that last year was one of the wettest on record. So far we have had little snow but we have picked up over two inches of rain before the New Year began.

The holiday rush is over. Some are settling in for the winter while others are planning a vacation. Colleen Morris reports that we have nearly reached the halfway mark of National Oatmeal Month.

Tara Lewis was officially appointed Postmaster of West Tisbury last week. She guided them through a very busy Christmas season in which the volume of mail was nearly double that of last year. She replaces John Hirt who was our postmaster for several years until his retirement in October. Congratulations, Tara!

Phyllis Meras, of Music street, went down to New York city on business last Monday. She returned home yesterday.

Tara Whiting-Wells, town clerk, reports that there will be a federal census mailed to you in March by the U.S. Census Bureau. This census is performed every 10 years.

The 2020 United States Census is separate from the annual street listing, which is often called the local census. This annual street listing document is used to confirm your residency and keep your voter registration status up to date. It is important to return both your annual street listing (to the town, Board of Registrars envelope) and the United States Census in 2020 (in the envelopes provided). The 2020 Census count will be used to ensure that West Tisbury and Massachusetts get our fair share of federal money and political representation for the next 10 years. Representation in the United States Congress and the Electoral College is based on United State Census responses.

Marjorie Peirce reports that the church community suppers started last Wednesday and are held each Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. until the end of April. Please contact her at 508-221-0314 to volunteer a little of your time and help make the suppers as good as last year.

On January 14, 1949 the members of the Grange presented a three act farce The Campbell’s are Coming before a large audience in the Tisbury School auditorium in Vineyard Haven. All parts were exceptionally well acted and were received with roars of enthusiasm by the audience. The Grangers who had parts in the play included Mary Smith, Marjorie Manter, Doreena King, David Engley, Albert Robinson, Fred and Donald Fisher, Alice Magnuson, James Alley and Virginia Rebello. The play was coached by Crichton and Pauline Magee, Elizabeth King served as the prompter. Laurus Sutton was in charge of stage properties and lighting, Muriel Loud distributed the programs and Carol Drew was in charge of ticket sales. Costumes were assembled by Lillian Magnuson assisted by Elizabeth Manter. Edna Robinson collected the proceeds from the homemade candy that was sold between acts by Ann Coleman and Jane Austin.

Happy Birthday to: Christa Fischer, Kern Grimes and Adam Petkus Jan. 10; Joe Eldridge, Pierce Kirby 3rd, Celeste Polagruto and Brian Athearn Jan. 11; Ann Bradshaw, Heidi Schultz and a milestone birthday for Mal Jones on Jan. 12; Caitlin Lewis, Tom Phillips and Heather Maciel Jan. 13; Thaw Malin, Paul Jackson, Jane Rossi and Sibel Suman Jan. 14; Dr. Judith Fisher, Dan Serusa, Wendy Benedetto and Nick Waldman on Jan. 15; Eleanor Dale Neubert, Chris Fielder and Hannah Maxner on Jan. 16.

Belated birthday wishes to Aki Sharpe, Chester Cook and Kelly Smith Robertson.

Well, that is all of the social news for this week’s edition. Not a lot of news to report because it is mighty quiet or folks are on vacation, so I insert some trivia for your enjoyment. The Prohibition of Alcoholic beverages began 101 years ago today. It lasted just 15 years. And 63 years ago today, Patsy Cline sang the now-classic Walkin’ after Midnight and gained national attention with her winning appearance on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, one of the most popular programs of the early days of television. By the way, who was the longtime sponsor of this program?

Please call or email me with your news. Have a good week.