On the centennial of the historic suffrage movement granting women the right to vote, the League of Women Voters of Martha’s Vineyard is launching a year-long campaign that aims to register every eligible person on the Island to vote.

The campaign is called 100% for the 100th.

“It’s about getting people engaged, educated and empowering them to get involved,” said Deborah Medders, chairman of the league’s celebration planning committee.

The League of Women Voters emerged from the suffrage movement in 1920. The original mission was to educate and empower the over 20 million women who would be granted the right to vote following the ratification of the 19th amendment.“We are honoring the centennial and the progress we have made . . . but we are also illustrating that we still have work to do,” Ms. Medders said.

“This campaign aims to have 100 per cent of people positioned to cast a vote,” she said. “Whether on the local stage or national election . . . they can exercise their power as voters.”