Well, it sure has been quiet in town since the holidays. Folks are going away on vacation or making plans to and that is about the size of it.

Spring is getting a bit closer. Susan Block of Music street reports that before the snowstorm snowdrops were about to burst into bloom in a small section of a once thriving garden down at the Frank Adams’ place. Another sure sign of spring.

Anna Alley returned home on Monday after a weekend with our grandchildren in North Attleboro. Three of our four grandchildren — Henry, Mark and Eddie — have February birthdays and it was decided by their mother that she would hold one large party for all of them and their friends.

Olivia Gately, over at the library, reports that on Saturday at 3 p.m. the library will host a rock concert for kids featuring the Pinkletinks. On Sunday at 3:30 p.m., enjoy a jazz performance featuring Eric Johnson and Jeremy Berlin. And on Tuesday at 4 p.m. the Island Climate Action Network presents a talk titled Powering All Transportation with Electricity, featuring Tom Soldini, Erik Peckar and Alan Strahler.

On February 10, 1948 the annual town meeting voted to accept a gift from Donald R. Campbell, of Old County Road, of the Mill Pond by a standing vote of 56 yes 16 no. It had been owned and maintained by his family for more than 100 years. Ancient records show that because of its central location and water power it not only attracted the farmer’s to grind their grist’s of grain, it later it became the site of the only textile mill on the Island producing the celebrated satinet cloth. It has also been a favorite spot for skaters for many generations, who cut figure eights beneath the light of bonfires kindled on danger spots where the big brook empties into the pond. The pond consists of two acres of water and the acceptance contained one condition; the town must clean the pond, repair the damn and raise the water level. After considerable debate by the voters a letter from Rev. Wm. Thompson, Master of the Grange, was read urging its acceptance and pledging the Grange’s full cooperation and assistance in the cleanup work.

Happy birthday to Richard Olsen, Jean Fischer, John Acanlon and Karen Pratt on Feb. 7; Kate Warner and Beth Carr Feb. 8; Harold Lawry, Paul Thurlow and Christopher Carrick on Feb. 9; Wade Simmons, and Lynn Hoeft Feb. 10; Bev Bergeron, Colin Hurd and Arielle Hayes Feb. 11; Mike Gately, Jill Amado, Elton Nascimento, Ken Kramm, Abe Lincoln, Albert Fischer, Sandra Caruso and Connie Hyde Feb. 12; Michael Bigby and Vincent Lenza Feb. 13.

Belated birthday wishes to Rita Reynolds.

Well that is all of the social news for this edition. Please call or email with news you wish to share with others.