Amy Hahn purchased 21 Fifteenth street South in Edgartown from Robert William Lyman for $1,000 on Feb. 4.

Peter M. Baumann and Lauren F. Baumann purchased 24 Litchfield Road in Edgartown from Thomas F. Lott for $2,037,500 on Feb. 7.

Wells Fargo Bank NA Trs and Pamela Bloedel Trust purchased 11, 12, 15 and 20 Moffett Way in Edgartown from Anne E. Tenwick and the Estate of Lucia E. Moffett for $2,475,000 on Feb. 7.

Brian C. Henry purchased 16 Baylies Way in Edgartown from Owen Norton LLC for $485,000 on Feb. 7.

Oak Bluffs

Joseph Moujabber purchased 16 Kennebec avenue in Oak Bluffs from Theodore R. DeBettencourt Trs., Loretta DeBettencourt Trs and LTTF Realty Trust for $550,000 on Feb. 7.