Will March come in like a lion? The old saying is then it will leave like a lamb.

It sure has been like a ghost town all week largely because it is the school winter vacation and many families are on the move. People have left Dodge for a warmer climate while others have gone up north to ski. Daylight Saving Time begins March 8.

There was confusion over at the landfill on Sunday; Dumpsters have been moved to higher ground forcing you to throw your trash up into them. This is a temporary setup. The dump will be the subject of a warrant article at the annual town meeting in April.

Thoughts of spring, just a few weeks away, and milder temperatures, warmer sunshine and the days getting longer give us hope. Soon Eleanor Stanwood will be reporting on the birth of lambs at their farm.

Podiatrist Dr. Jay Segel is enrolled in a three-year program at Johns Hopkins University to design protocols and investigate diabetic re-ulceration rates decreased by use of custom orthotics.

Our grandchildren, Mark and Eddie Hambardozian, of North Attleboro, went back home on Friday after spending a week with us. They celebrated their fourth birthday on Wednesday with bowling with Uncle Sam, lunch and homemade brownies and a few gifts to take home.

Tom Thatcher w1ll be the guest of honor at his 93rd birthday party at Phyllis Meras’s house tonight.

Tara Whiting-Wells, town clerk, reports that all there will be a contest for selectman. Kent Healy, the incumbent, is opposed by Michael Bellissimo. The annual town meeting is April 14, and town election is on April 16. Polling hours are 7 a.m. until 8 p.m). The last day to register to vote in the annual election and town meeting is March 25. The selectmen will soon present a town meeting warrant of 61 articles. Also, the Presidential primary is on March 3, same polling place and hours.

Old friend Ann Howes, one of the famous Glimmerglass Girls, who passed away in December just days after her birthday, was a very good artist whose paintings were displayed in many art galleries. She was also involved in the Agricultural Fair for many years, as were her mother and other members of her family. A celebration of life will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Howes House.

Happy Birthday to: Tom Thacher, Susan Goldstein, George Brush, Robyn Athearn, Noah Richards and Thomas Brennan today, Susan Phelps, Sam Alley and Sydney Jasney tomorrow, Robert Pacl, David Fielder, Charles Sebastian and Josh Emin on Sunday, Celeste Bailey, Haley Knowlton and Robert Goodwin, Tom Church, Francine Fischer and Roger Sylva on Monday, Diana DeBlase, Lonni Phillips, Glenn Andrews and Vicki Broscheit on Tuesday, Ken Vincent, Caitlin Cassiani and Mariah Hallbilsback on Wednesday, Leslei Monast, Jessica Miller, Doug Seward and Hans Adcock on Thursday. Belated Birthday wishes to Joanne Peterson and Dennis Jason.

I don’t want to miss the news about your vacation, so please call or e-mail me with details: 508-693-2950, alleys@vineyard.net. Have a great week.