The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has completed a long-planned purchase of a 46.5-acre property in Aquinnah south of State Road, known historically as the Hebron Wamsley Homestead.

The total purchase price was $2.75 million. The sellers are Donald Worley, George Brush and Jeffrey Madison.

The purchase has been in the works for 15 years, land bank executive director James Lengyel said this week, but took time due to extensive title searches going back to 1916.

“That is a little out of the usual even for us,” Mr. Lengyel said.

The title was eventually assembled in stages. In 2017 the land bank paid $1.3 million to Donald Worley for his interest, and last week purchased the remaining interest from Mr. Brush and Mr. Madison for $1.45 million.

Mr. Lengyel said the property is stunning in its beauty and variety, but that it will take time for it to be open for public access.

“It is wild and remarkable because there is a steep ravine that runs through it and on the eastern end there is an isolated little pond and you get the impression very few people have looked upon it in 70 years,” he said. “And the property is honeycombed throughout by stone walls.”

Hebron Wamsley had six children, he said, which is why the title search was so complicated. This also added to the historical significance of the property, he said, which includes an intact homestead.

“Our job is to conserve and understand the land but we can’t stop our curiosity,” Mr. Lengyel said referring to the history of the people who lived on the properties the land bank conserves.

The property will eventually be integrated into the land bank’s Toad Rock Reservation.

“Toad Rock is a big boulder sitting in the woods that looks like a giant toad,” Mr. Lengyel said. “To get there turn onto Moshup Trail off State Road, travel .8 miles and turn right at the land bank sign.”