“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.” - Michael Leavitt

If you find the time, please make a phone call, type an email or shoot a text to a friend, neighbor or loved one who serves our community as a first responder, EMT, paramedic, doctor, nurse, board of health member, town administrator, selectperson, emergency manager, grocer, fuel provider, pharmacist, banker, food server, postal worker, UPS or Fed Ex driver, volunteer or other and extend a quick thank you. The energy that is going into keeping our community as informed and as safe as possible is astounding.

A heartfelt thanks to all serving us in town including USPS Michael, Leigh and Patricia, FedEx Jeff, UPS Kelly, bankers Marilda and Yvette, Steve Bernier, Tim Carroll, Warren Doty, Bill Rossi, Jim Malkin, Matt Poole, Jan Buhrman, Marina Lent, John Keene, Deborah Hancock, Stanley and Lanette Larsen and crew, Marshall Carroll, Bea Whiting, Betsy Cornwall, Anne Wallace, Forrest Filler, Bradley Carroll, Matt Bradley, Samantha and Katy Smith, Phil Hollinger, Jeremy Bradshaw, Robert Coutinho, Gary Robinson, Tony Palmer, Allison and Sarah Flanders, Delilah Meegan, Cody and Jenna Coutinho, Jonathan Klaren, Sean Slavin, Liz Rogers, Bill Fielder, Jesse Burton, and countless more.

The town hall staff, for the most part, is working remotely. The library has expanded its online access to materials to include hours upon hours of listening, watching and reading enjoyment. The schools are closed but by now all of the teachers seem to have reached out to their students which brings a sense of normalcy amidst the ever changing protocols, plans and procedures. There are numerous places you can find updated information and how to volunteer at the town website, the county, MV Community Services.

Many families are taking the directives of social distancing and shelter in place to heart. The Thompson clan (Zoe, Simon, Nell and Mae) have played games and created artwork. Various shades of purple and blue along with the always popular unicorn theme are at the forefront of creations these days. Gwendolyn Oskan, also a lover of unicorns, has grown quite fond of blanket tents in the living room. Maeve Cook-Martin has appeared in her mom, Caitlin’s, Body-Snack Instagram videos.

I’ll admit it’s a little tougher on the teenage crowd to avoid interactions with their peers, but many are managing. Graham Stearns has done a lot of freshwater fishing with his dad, Bret. Brooks has been surfing and has done a lot of car tinkering. The Oliver Clan (Liz, Kevin, Solon, Barrett, Delilah and Hollis) have played heck of a lot of backyard basketball.

FaceTime, Zoom meetings, surfing, ATV riding, dog walks with a whole lot of space in between have filled the hours along with some school work, movies, project cars, music and more. How are you and your family passing the time while hunkered down? Please send along your ideas. I’d love to share them next week.

Many of you have buzzed the Bight, tooted your horn or stopped to have a conversation from afar. Thanks to all of you who are trying very hard to adhere to the 6-foot rule. Many of you are huggers so be sure, and once it seems sensible I expect to be overrun with many. Roberta Morgan, Margaret Maida, Wayne Iacono, John Larsen, Bobby Brown, Albert Fischer, Steve Broderick, Isaac Taylor, Deb Hancock, George Oskan, and many more, I thank you for your regular check-ins.

Although his new job has been affected for the time being, Caleb Slater, son of Jane Slater, has recently been appointed to the position of Director of Hatcheries for the State of Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife. In his new position Caleb will oversee the five state fish hatcheries, which are currently engaged in stocking 500,000 trout into brooks, rivers and ponds throughout the state.