A stay-at-home order remains in effect on the Vineyard. What follows is a list of answers to questions that Islanders may have about what they can do.

Where are masks required?

Face coverings are strongly advised in public, and required to shop at supermarkets.

How can I get a mask?

While surgical masks can be hard to come by, you can make your own simple mask from a T-shirt or use a bandana or scarf to cover your face and nose. Island seamstresses who are making masks for essential workers generally are not taking orders from the public; dressmaker Chrysal Parrot will add you to her waiting list if you email chrysalparrot@yahoo.com.

Can I go to the post office?

The U.S. Postal Service, shipping companies and local mail hubs like the Mailroom and UPS Store are all considered essential. Limit mail runs to one or two days a week if you can and remain at least six feet from others at all times. 

Can I get gas for my car?

Yes, getting fuel is an essential activity under the order. Be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands carefully after handling the pump handle.

Can I drive to another town or to a public beach?

Yes, the order places no restriction on where Islanders may drive for access to essential services and activities.

What about cabs, rideshares and buses?

VTA, taxis, Lyft and Uber are all listed as essential services. Give careful thought and consider not traveling if you’re not 100% confident you are your usual, healthy self.

Can I take a walk or a hike? Can I ride my bicycle?

As long as you keep a six-foot distance from others, engaging in outdoor activity is permitted and even encouraged, for the sake of mental as well as physical health. This includes walking, hiking, bicycling, surfing and running. Properties owned by the Trustees of Reservations and Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary have reopened. Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation and Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank trails remain open. Hikers are asked to maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others. 

Where can I walk my dog?

The order does not expressly ban dog walking. The dog park in Tisbury is closed, along with the rest of the town’s parks and recreation facilities, through May 1. Dogs are allowed on land bank properties, but they should be kept leashed at all times to limit the possibility of physical contact. Some other conservation properties expressly prohibit dogs to protect the wildlife. Please abide by posted rules.

Are liquor stores still open?

Liquor stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and farm stands are among the businesses that may remain open. Others include gas stations, laundromats, funeral homes, pet supply stores and automotive repair shops.

Can I go to an ATM to get cash?

Banks are essential services and remain in business during the emergency order.

How can I pay for things other than with cash?

Many Island businesses and services are no longer taking cash, so it’s wise to have a bank card for transactions. Some farm stands and other Island businesses will accept mobile transactions. Apps that you can download to your phone and link to your bank acccount or credit card include Venmo and Apple Pay.

I’m taking care of my friend’s dogs. Can I go to her house to feed them?

Yes, the order allows for home visits to care for pets.

Can I go shellfishing?

As long as you are properly licensed and keep the recommended distance from others, shellfishing and fishing are permitted.

Can I still dispose of refuse and recycling at the transfer station?

Waste management is an essential service. The Edgartown transfer station is encouraging customer payments by card. The Oak Bluffs recycling center is open Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The Chilmark facility is open on Wednesdays only and the West Tisbury station is open on Saturdays only. More information is posted on the Martha’s Vineyard Refuse Disposal Resource Recovery District website, mvrefusedistrict.com.

I was planning to do some cosmetic carpentry around my home while I am out of work. I’m not a contractor. Does the construction ban apply?

The ban is intended to prevent movement from place to place, so doing your own carpentry and landscaping at home is permitted as long as you don’t assemble a work crew. Island health officials urge residents to avoid risky chores like chainsawing tree limbs, in order to reduce the demand for services at the hospital.

What about the Chappy Ferry?

The Chappy Ferry is still accepting cash as well as tickets from the kiosk on Dock street. Passengers are asked to distance themselves from the ferry captain by riding on the opposite side of the vessel from the wheelhouse, and to tear their own tickets upon request.

Answers were researched with the assistance of town officials including Edgartown heath agent Matt Poole, West Tisbury town administrator Jennifer Rand, county emergency management spokesman Russell Hartenstine and West Tisbury selectman Cynthia Mitchell. Send additional questions to news@mvgazette.com and we will try to find the answers