4 Noras Land LLC purchased 4 Noras Lane in Edgartown from Barbara Lebey for $3,050,000 on March 25.

Wayen Zarozny and Susan Zarozny purchased 60 Curtis Lane in Edgartown from Cynthia A. Grilli for $625,000 on March 26.

Ramamurthy Mani and Raji Balasubramanian purchased 16 Mercier Way in Edgartown from Norma B. Stanton Trs. Richers J. Stanton Trs. and Stanton Realty Trust for $1,400,000 on March 25.

Oak Bluffs

William R. Panek and Megan Rose Panek purchased 37 Puritan Drive in Oak Bluffs from Carbonneau Enterprises Inc. for $863,000 on March 23.

Robert Dutton and Margaret Conole purchased 27 June avenue in Oak Bluffs from Linda E. Fandel for $382,600 on March 23.

Tiffany Gueye and Mouhamed Gueye purchased 38 Meadow View Road in Oak Bluffs from Kathryn M. Wolf Trs. and Kathryn M. Wolf 2006 Revocable Agreement of Trust for $920,000 on March 24.

Alexander M. Mason purchased 33 Beach Road in Oak Bluffs from John V. Felvey and Carter B. Felvey for $1,280,000 on March 26.

Vineyard Haven

VH House LLC purchased 34 Chase Lane in Vineyard Haven from Chase Lane LLC for $575,000 on March 25.

Steven Weinstock and Nancy Schwartz Weinstock purchased 122 Kuffies Point Way from John Parker Willis for $4,200,000 on March 26.