Chrissy Kinsman owns Pie Chicks, the Island pie-making business she began in 2013.

Ms. Kinsman said her workload is busier than it usually is this time of year. Ordinarily, she would be focusing on summer planning but instead she is in the kitchen. For her, it is about keeping her business going during this time as well as finding ways to give back to the community.

She is still baking pies about twice a week based on whatever ingredients are available at the grocery story. She has also reached out to the Food Pantry and Island Grown Initiative to help out in whatever way she can.

“I want to make sure there is food available for people who want it and need it,” she said.

She began working with the Food Pantry last year and so is well positioned to fill in gaps there now.

“I just want to give back since I am able to go to my kitchen and work,” she said. “I have a ton of gratitude that I can go into my kitchen where it is safe and do what I love.”

Soon school lunches may include Ms. Kinsman’s baked goods.

“This is how we get through it, by being helpful to each other,” she said. “It feeds my heart.”

—Bill Eville