Dawn Blackwood is a cashier at Our Market in Oak Bluffs.

One of the biggest adjustments for essential businesses like Our Market has been limiting the number of customers they allow in the store at once.

Ms. Blackwood said some customers still try to enter the store in groups.

“We’re open from eight to six and we can only let four people in at a time,” she said. “Some of the customers would normally come in three or four times over the day and we can’t do that either. We can only let them in once per day.”

With the cash registers located adjacent to the front door, Ms. Blackwood and her coworkers play a big part in making sure everyone is following the new rules. She said she and her coworkers all do their best to look out for one another and make sure everyone is being safe.

Part of making sure everyone is following proper safety precautions can be reminding customers of their requirement to wear a mask when inside the building.

“The majority of the people are awesome, some of them are kind. But when you tell some of them to put their mask on, they want to get mad with you. And we’re telling them it’s for their own good.”

Our Market also offers delivery for those who do not want to venture to the store. Ms. Blackwood reports their volume of deliveries has greatly increased over the past month.

Aaron Wilson