Jack Ryan lives in Oak Bluffs and works at the West Tisbury post office. Each morning he takes the Vineyard Transit Authority bus to work.

“Normally there are some teachers and students and people who work at Cronig’s on the bus with me,” he said. “But now I’m the only one.”

Mr. Ryan was worked at the West Tisbury post office for five years, and the Vineyard Haven post office for two years before that. The postal service is one of the few businesses running regular hours and in close contact with the public. Mr. Ryan said there are protocols in place.

“We all wear gloves, have tape on the floor where customers should stand to keep far enough apart and we wipe down all the surfaces every chance we can get.”

There is a benefit to working in customer service during these days of social isolation.

“Our customers are fantastic. Really. The bring us treats, cookies, and stuff from their gardens, you name it.”

Mostly people come in to pick up their mail and packages, he said. “A lot of medication comes through the postal service so they need it. And stuff for their animals. We have a lot of horses up here.”

Ordinarily, this would be the season of live animals coming through the mail, too.

“Chickens and ducks. But not now. It’s prohibited. But people are bringing us eggs.”

One customer dropped off some extra gloves for the postal workers.

“I don’t even know who she was,” Mr. Ryan said. “She was wearing a mask.”

Bill Eville