After years of remote employment in the corporate world, Cindra Trish now has an office at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services, an easy bike ride from her Edgartown home — once she can start working there.

Instead, because of the coronavirus pandemic, Ms. Trish is again based at home in her new position as executive director of Healthy Aging MV.

“Do you ever feel like there are matches made in heaven? This is a match made in heaven,” Ms. Trish said this week.

“I have moved from for-profit businesses to a mission-driven organization,” she said. “The opportunity to make a difference in my community is amazing.”

The mission of Healthy Aging MV is to advocate for Island seniors.

“I’m lucky enough to be part of an advocacy group, with deep roots on the Island, that is dedicated to collaborating with service agencies . . . to create an age-friendly Island,” she said.

Her own roots on the Vineyard go back to a visit more than 30 years ago.

“I was here 10 minutes and realized it was my spiritual home,” said Ms. Trish, who is originally from northern California’s Silicon Valley region.

It would take another decade before she and her husband became homeowners here. The couple, who now have three grown children and four grandchildren, moved to their Dodger’s Hole property full-time seven years ago.

She was interviewing for new jobs when she read about the Healthy Aging position, Ms. Trish said.

“I was just ready for a new adventure in my life,” she said. “I decided to look at things that were meaningful, outside my industry and in my industry.”

A mission-focused job on the Vineyard was especially appealing in this case, Ms. Trish said, because she recently had read the book Successful Aging, by neuroscientist Daniel Levitan, which debunks a number of myths about growing older.

“I’m a healthy ager myself,” said Ms. Trish, adding that she has personally experienced ageism in the corporate world.

“A healthy ager is making contributions,” she said. “Many seniors continue to work and are employed full time or part time on the Island.”

Ms. Trish’s first task as executive director was to orient herself in her new organization, which began as a task force and now operates as a research and advocacy group, funded by Island towns, with Community Services as its fiscal agent.

She had high praise for Paddy Moore, the West Tisbury resident who has long been active in social work and helped found Healthy Aging.

“Paddy Moore is just simply amazing . . . in her command of the thought leadership around aging, what Healthy Aging has done as a task force, how it’s evolved, what they’re looking for in a new leader — there was so much to absorb, I was a sponge,” said Ms. Trish.

“I just immersed myself.”

She quickly got to work writing grant proposals and project plans, and hosted a virtual lunch with the directors of the Island towns’ councils on aging. “My husband delivered food to all their houses,” she said.

With one in three Vineyarders now aged 65 or older and the senior population continuing to grow, forging relationships with Island service agencies and nonprofits is a top priority, she said.

“We are really responsible for creating an integrated voice across the Island of elder needs and solutions. We’re bringing ideas and looking for partners. We try to collaborate with everyone.”

Ms. Moore praised Ms. Trish’s skills and experience, which includes owning her own market research company for 15 years.

“I truly think she’s a great addition to our nonprofit community,” Ms. Moore said.

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