Island boards of health reported another new positive Covid-19 test Thursday from TestMV, the high school comprehensive coronavirus testing site, marking the second positive test in as many days after a 16-day caseless streak on Island.

The new positive case is a male of unknown age, according to the daily board of health testing update, and is the second asymptomatic coronavirus patient to test positive on the Island. The Island’s first asymptomatic patient to test positive was reported on Wednesday.

The two new positive tests come two weeks after the comprehensive testing site at the high school opened to the public in late May. Nearly 1,000 patients — including frontline medical workers, grocery store employees and high risk patients, like the elderly — had all tested negative until Wednesday. Testing is focused on asymptomatic patients and is available for all people on the Vineyard over the age of 18.

Tests can be scheduled by calling 877-336-9855.

According to the board of health update, TestMV has tested 1,217 patients since May 28, with 2 tests coming back positive, 1,014 negative and 201 still pending. The low positive test rate is likely due to the site focusing on asymptomatic patients, Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said on Thursday.

The Island has now had 32 patients test positive for the virus since the outbreak began in early March. Another 13 patients have tested positive for viral antibodies and three patients have been symptomatically diagnosed, brining the Island’s total coronavirus caseload to 48, according to the Island boards of health.

The back-to-back positive tests at the high school mark the only currently active known coronavirus cases on the Island. Both patients, because they were tested at the high school site, are suspected to be asymptomatic, according to Tisbury health agent Maura Valley. All previous positive patients have been released from isolation or are no longer being monitored by Island boards of health agents, Ms. Valley said earlier this week.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is testing symptomatic patients and their close contacts for the virus. The hospital has not reported a new positive case in over two weeks.

In their daily online testing update, the hospital reported that it has tested 1,308 patients for the virus, with 28 positives, 1,241 negatives and 39 pending. There is no one currently hospitalized for the virus, although the hospital has had four patients previously hospitalized and three transferred to hospitals off-Island. Those patients are no longer being monitored as well.

Statewide, key metrics used to monitor the pandemic have continued to fall, with the DPH reporting 271 new cases and 36 new deaths. Over 106,000 patients have now tested positive for the virus throughout the state, and 7,770 people have died.