William Bishop of the Edgartown police department was formally promoted to sergeant in an outdoor ceremony Wednesday at police headquarters.

Sergeant Biship’s wife Grace and young daughter Olivia pinned the new rank on his lapels.

Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee commended the new sergeant for his years of service. The promotion was approved by the Edgarrtown selectmen last week.

“Bishop was a part of a group of officers who participated in a rigorous promotional process conducted last year,” Chief McNamee said in an email. “He is currently number one in our list of eligible candidates.”

Sergeant Bishop graduated from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in 2004 and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Westfield State University.

Just after high school, he began his career as an Edgartown traffic officer. In 2007, he became a special officer for the department and was promoted to a full-time police officer in 2010. He is currently responsible for training new personnel and managing community policing initiatives and social media.

Chief McNamee said the promotion will make him a patrol supervisor for the officers on his shift, among other auxiliary duties.

“I don’t doubt that this will be first of several promotion to come for him,” Chief McNamee said. “He is a terrific ambassador for us.”