Amateur fireworks displays were crackling from Edgartown to Aquinnah, keeping Island police busy over the Fourth of July.

“The radio was just going crazy with fireworks complaints, noise complaints, it’s hard to tell the difference,” Edgartown Lieut. Chris Dolby said Monday.

Police also reported a handful of drunken driving arrests, down-Island skirmishes and minor motor vehicle accidents.

Edgartown police responded to 20 noise complaints over the weekend, mostly fireworks-related, Lieutenant Dolby said. Oak Bluffs police responded to 27 fireworks complaints. West Tisbury police reported to seven fireworks complaints. Aquinnah police responded to one fireworks complaint.

Though police had anticipated an uptick in fireworks calls, they said the displays were larger and more numerous than expected. No injuries or incidental fires were reported.

West Tisbury police chief Matt Mincone said he added officers to handle the response. Between 9 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. Saturday, there were 12 calls for service, six of them fireworks complaints.

“Fireworks were just everywhere. We were jumping from call to call,” Chief Mincone said. “People are used to seeing fireworks on the Fourth. They were going to have it no matter what.”

On the night of the Fourth, Chief Mincone said he confiscated a “king-sized pillowcase” full of fireworks from a small group of young people holding a party in a field off Music street. When police arrived, the three amateur pyrotechnics fled — leaving behind the pillowcase containing Roman candles and other fireworks. “It was higher-grade stuff, not just little firecrackers,” Chief Mincone said. “They could have done some damage, especially where they were lighting it off. I’m glad we got them out of their hands.”

Aquinnah police also confiscated a bundle of fireworks that were being set off at Philbin beach, chief Randhi Belain said.

Also at Philbin, Aquinnah police used the department ATV to respond to a report of an elderly man who was naked. Police could not locate anyone fitting the description, Chief Belain said.

In Edgartown on Saturday, police were called to an altercation between a couple at a large gathering on Sengekontacket Pond. Oak Bluffs police also responded, Lieutenant Dolby said.

“It was busy up there,” he said, speaking of Sengekontacket over the weekend. “People set up tents, grills and cooked food just like anyone does on Norton Point . . . there were a lot of people and little space.”

He said no charges were filed. He added that the department issued numerous parking tickets and stationed an officer on scene for the remainder of the weekend.

Tisbury police chief Mark Saloio said weekend calls were confined to mostly minor incidents, including a handful of motor vehicle complaints and one assault and battery.

In Chilmark, police responded to three noise complaints for loud music. The small gatherings ceased upon police arrival, chief Jonathan Klaren said.

Chief Klaren said his department is conducting an investigation into a vandalism incident that took place late Friday night or early Saturday morning. He said fencing around the Chilmark Community Center basketball court was torn down and sports equipment damaged.