Christopher D. Cain purchased 230 The Boulevard in Edgartown from Nikki Sedacca and Jeffrey Sedacca for $1,093,000 on July 6.

Cecilia Carter and Marvin Campbell purchased 20 Peases Point Way in Edgartown from Eva Sierra Giamboi and Joseph J. Giamboi for $165,000 on July 8.

Amy Lazar and Eric Lazar purchased 4 Bernard Way in Edgartown from Maggie B. Morrison and Walter A. Morrison for $1,525,000 on July 10.

Joshua W. Weiss purchased 14 North Bog Road in Edgartown from Maggie B. Morrison and Walter A. Morrison for $1,925,000 on July 10.

Sharon Barba and Mark Barba purchased 56 Whalers Walk in Edgartown from Jennifer S. Hill-Rubin for $860,000 on July 10.

Jinous Hassanein and Morteza Lofti purchased 3 Beach Plum Meadows in Edgartown from Catherine Grant and Halcott Grant for $2,900,000 on July 10.

Oak Bluffs

Barbara A. Burr and Wayne C. Warren purchased 82 Springfield avenue in Oak Bluffs from Melissa M. Lackey and Brady P. Otey for $2,550,000 on July 8.

Vineyard Haven

Krista Pappas purchased 80 Highland avenue in Vineyard Haven from Janaina Helena Lima Dasilva and Francismar Curty Dias for $1,230,250 on July 8.

West Tisbury

Carol P. Kosse and David A. Kosse purchased 70 Plum Bush in West Tisbury from Roberta Leibman 2012 Family Trust and Leonard S. Leibman Trs. for $3,775,000 on July 6.

Silver Strand Trust and Sylvia Hargrave Trs. purchased 130 Little Homers Pond Road in West Tisbury from Homer Watcha Trust, William A. Lowell Trs. and Gerald L. Deblois for $5,500,000 on July 9.

Rachel Schubert purchased 9 Nats Farm Lane in West Tisbury from Junior Campbell and Judith M. Sanches Tucker for $625,000 on July 10.