Gov. Charlie Baker announced further crack downs on out-of-state travel on Friday, issuing a strict travel order for visitors from most of the country as the Vineyard enters what is traditionally the busiest month of its season.

In a press briefing held Friday morning, Governor Baker said he had signed an executive order earlier in the day requiring travelers to the state to abide by a 14-day quarantine and fill out a Massachusetts Travel Form before arriving in the state. Effective August 1, the order applies to all travelers, including state residents returning home as well as students arriving for their fall semesters.

Travelers from what the governor has termed lower risk states, including all states in New England, as well as New York, New Jersey and Hawaii, are exempt from the order. Anyone who receives a negative test within 72 hours of arrival, or receives a negative test after arrival, is also exempt from the order. Travelers must stay quarantined until they receive a negative test result.

Failure to comply with the order may result in a daily $500 fine, the governor said Friday, with enforcement conducted by the local boards of health and contact tracing cooperatives.

“Every traveler, no matter where they come, has a responsibility to keep Covid out of the commonwealth,” Governor Baker said.

Airlines, bus lines and rail services will be required to disseminate the travel form to passengers, the governor said. Hotels, lodging services, short-term rentals and AirBnBs will also be required to inform their guests of the order.

The mandatory travel advisory comes as much of the Northeast — hit hardest early on in the pandemic — has seen Covid-19 cases flatline, while the positive test rate throughout the rest of the country continues to surge.

“We have a lower average for positive tests than many states around the country, and we want to keep it that way as travelers increase from around the country and the world,” Governor Baker said.

After issuing a travel advisory that functioned largely as guidance early on in the pandemic for out-of-state visitors, the governor loosened restrictions in the lead-up to the Fourth of July weekend, eliminating quarantine rules for travelers from New England. The Vineyard — as well as other seasonal communities — experienced their busiest weekend of the year.

But on Friday, the governor said three main factors, including the surge in cases nationwide, the continued expected increase in seasonal visitors to the state and the start of school prompted him to beef up the order.

“There are many parts of the United States that have seen a significant increase in their positive test rates, or their positive test rates per capita, over the past 30 to 60 days,” the governor said. “And that has really changed the game with respect to how we think about travel.”

The Steamship Authority has reported traffic on the rise as the summer has progressed, with ridership nearing 85 per cent of its normal late July capacity, officials reported at a recent board meeting.

“We all know Covid is not taking the summer off, and we aren’t either,” the governor said Friday.