Due to a nationwide surge in demand for testing, patients will now have to wait a week or longer for results from the TestMV comprehensive coronavirus testing site, according to a statement from health officials.

Results had previously been available in one to two days, Island Health Care director Cynthia Mitchell said on Friday. The change comes as case numbers grow throughout the country, inundating the Quest Diagnostics laboratory in Marlboro.

“All TestMV patients were initially given result prioritization because of our remote location, limited testing options on Martha’s Vineyard, and ample capacity from our testing partner, Quest Diagnostics,” the statement said. “Recently Quest has experienced a nationwide surge in demand, which has impacted turnaround time at Quest’s lab in Marlborough.”

The statement will go on the IHC website Saturday morning. Beginning Saturday all patients who receive tests will be informed of the change.

TestMV is the result of a unique public-private partnership between Quest, IHC and the Island boards of health. While IHC is administering and scheduling the tests, Quest donated the supplies and is responsible for processing.

The site is focused on testing asymptomatic patients for the virus. Nearly 5,700 tests have been conducted at the site since it opened in late May, with 14 coming back positive.

First responders and health workers will still receive results within one to two days, the statement said.

Meanwhile, 50 Vineyard residents have now tested positive for Covid-19 through laboratory testing, with the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital reporting one new case on Friday. The new case brings the Island’s total coronavirus case count to 70, including 17 patients who have tested positive for viral antibodies and three patients who have been symptomatically diagnosed with the virus.

The new case reported on Friday is a female under the age of 20, according to a daily demographic report provided by the Island boards of health. Six patients under 20 and 19 total under the age of 30 have tested positive for the virus on the Island.

There are now four currently active coronavirus cases on the Island.

The hospital is continuing to test symptomatic patients and their close contacts for the virus. Turnaround time for test results generally ranges from 45 minutes to multiple days, depending on the type of test administered.

Ms. Mitchell said Friday that while the increased wait time is unfortunate and may affect people’s decision to get tested, it doesn’t diminish the importance of widespread testing on the Island.

“What it does, is it puts us in alignment with the other testing sites around the country that have had to adjust. And it is unfortunate,” Ms. Mitchell said. “But it’s just the current state of testing nationally, that it is caught up.”

Testing capacity at the site will not be affected, Ms. Mitchell said. The site is currently testing approximately 180 people per day.

Gov. Charlie Baker introduced new restrictions for out-of-state travelers on Friday as well, requiring visitors to quarantine for 14 days or face a $500 fine. Travelers who receive a negative test are exempt from the order. Ms. Mitchell said visitors could still schedule a test at the site in advance of their arrival, although the results would take seven days.

“It would be better if it could be sooner, and I know efforts are being made at Quest to reduce that,” Ms. Mitchell said. “It’s just that we’re at a time of very high demand everywhere.”