Mandatory is the word for Menemsha. Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., all who are out and about in Menemsha must wear a mask or face covering. Essentially, the order reads that from the intersection of North and Basin roads and beyond, your face must be covered. To read the complete document visit the town website.

Jane Slater had Caleb and Chris Slater down to visit. While in town, they made some wonderful repairs to her porch. Fresh lumber sure does feel solid.

Annie Treitman shares the first of the virtual Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival’s author series launched on July 30 with Sarah Broom’s memoir, The Yellow House. Next in the series is this Sunday, August 2 at 6:30 p.m. with author Erik Larson. The Splendid and the Vile provides an intimate chronicle of Winston Churchill and London during The Blitz. Annie shares that the events are free but registration is required. Check out all the details on their website

How could I have forgotten to mention that the lovely Jennifer Grace has returned after a few years away to her managerial role with Swordfish Enterprises? She’s done a bang-up job squaring away Covid protocols for the Beach Plum and Menemsha Inn along with posting some spectacular sunset photos from her perch above the Homeport.

The Patete gang – John, Aileen, Rudy, Adeline, Bridget and Alice – traveled to Menemsha on their boat, Panasea, for a weekend full of adventure. They’ve joined us for many years now and have made Menemsha Harbor their second home. Rudy and Christian Carroll, son to Buffy, became fast friends a number of years ago and still manage to pal around but in a more teenage way these days.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the names Chic and Chris Lee. Although, from time to time, I think of them, especially when I walk by the spot where a little bit of Chic was returned to the sea along the commercial dock. Their grandson, Clifford Moniz, who has stopped by occasionally over the years, spent a little time in Menemsha over the weekend. He spent some time as a tween/teen under the care of his grandparents and made good friends while schooling here so many years ago. It was nice to reminisce a bit while he was in town.

Colin Ruel and Nettie Kent have added a day to their available hours at the Ruel Gallery. They’ve also kept a lovely little piece of Colin’s grandmother, Roberta Morgan’s, Harbor Crafts Shop available to us. Yes, folks, you can find wonderful little jars of Roberta’s famous and flavorful beach plum jelly on the shelf.

Bella Thorpe spent last weekend in Vermont at the Green Mountain Horse Association Dressage Days horse show. Bella and her horse, Bella Ymas – yes two Bellas – made their first appearance at the fourth level which is the highest of the lower-level group of tests. These tests include walk, trot and canter work. They also perform multiple flying lead changes and half and quarter pirouettes are added at this level.

Sometimes the loss of a furry friend strikes your heart as if you’ve lost a human loved one. Condolences to Arlan Wise and family on the loss of their beloved seventeen-year-old Chihuahua, Bea.

John Keene took son, Lathrop, and a buddy out fishing to the Claw last week. Fishing was hot (as in really good!) and the level of excitement was right up there with a couple of middle schoolers on bird. Under the bright sun, while gliding across calm, glistening seas, the group spotted a basking shark. They are phenomenal creatures. Yes, John captured it on video and, let me tell you, it’s pretty neat sharing their moment of awe.

Jennifer Christy, our thumbs up town clerk, would like to remind everyone the deadline to get your paperwork in to either vote early or by absentee ballot for the state primary is August 26 and for the state election, it is October 28. Go to to get all the details.