West Tisbury resident Matt Hayden has until 4 p.m. Thursday to complete a 400-square-foot animal enclosure ordered by the board of selectmen last month, after his dog was found to have killed a chicken belonging to another town resident.

If the work is not completed on time, selectmen Ken Healy and Skipper Manter have directed animal control officer Tony Cordray to file a complaint against Mr. Hayden in district court.

At Wednesday’s weekly board meeting, Mr. Cordray updated selectmen on the dog owner’s progress since the enclosure was ordered on July 22.

“He has not completed the fences. It’s still four feet, not six feet. The shelter has not been constructed and the double gate has not been constructed,” Mr. Cordray said.

Mr. Manter said he was not in favor of granting Mr. Hayden extra time to finish the job.

“This is basically violating the order the selectmen issued,” he said, expressing concern the dog could run loose again.

“It’s not being restrained and kept the way we have ordered it to be because of the problems it has caused,” Mr. Manter said.

“If [a dog attack] does happen again, my concern is that it could be a lot more devastating this time around,” Mr. Cordray said.

Selectman Cynthia Mitchell did not attend the meeting.

Mr. Hayden also did not attend.

If a judge finds him in violation of the selectmen’s order, Mr. Cordray said the potential penalty includes both a fine and jail time.

At the July hearing that resulted in the order, Mr. Hayden told selectmen the cost of building the shelter would require him to euthanize the dog.

In other business Wednesday, selectmen discussed with town administrators Jen Rand the potential date and site of a special town meeting to take up more than two dozen warrant articles that were bumped from the annual town meeting earlier this summer.

All three were in favor of returning to the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle, where the annual town meeting took place, in early October if it is available. More specific plans, including the date and time, will be on the agenda for next Wednesday’s meeting.

Ms. Rand also announced the reopening of the town’s local drop-off, after recent repair work at the facility.

— Louisa Hufstader