They may only call Menemsha home for a couple of years, but the young folks stationed here with the Coast Guard make a conscious effort to become members of the community. After having spent more than my fair share of the past couple of months “laying low” fighting off the ill effects of a concussion/brain bleed I’ve been trying to ease back into working a couple of hours each day. When I arrived at the Texaco today there was a gift bag tucked away on the shelf in the back room. Marshall said it was dropped off for me by a dear friend from Station Menemsha. I didn’t have any idea what it was, but knew that the sentiment was going to be sweet no matter what was in the bag so I decided to wait until I got home to open it. I’ve been wearing my emotions just a little closer to the surface lately and, as I predicted, the kindness nestled in amongst the crumpled tissue paper brought me to tears — good tears.

It just so happens that this outstanding group of young people including Jake Waters-Maciel, Brody Schilling, Josh Boytek, Ryan Martyn, Ryan Oullette, Seth Ford and Patrick Shanahan and more received a surprise gift of their own. The folks from Tisbury Legion Pumper got word that the gas grill at Station Menemsha had succumbed to its years of use. On Tuesday evening, Darren Welch led the Pumper’s charge and a brand new grill was delivered. Smiles ran wide and thank you’s were abundant.

Last weekend many of our friends ventured to Chappaquidick for the Point to Point road race. High schooler Jack Lionette, son of Heather and Robert, took first place overall. Wren and Eloise Christy, daughters of Todd and Jennifer, went 1, 2 in their age group with Wren grabbing third in overall women’s. Also running, among others, were Jennifer Christy and Meg Athearn.

Nancy Aronie is waiting to see your gorgeous faces and hear your brilliant voices in her next Chilmark Writing Workshop’s jumpstart your memoir. This will be a four-week workshop via Zoom. The first session begins Sept. 15.

Sam Shannon is back at the harbor office after a trip to Oregon for some kite-boarding fun. Also back puttering around the harbor office is Spider Andresen. He’s always happy to lend a hand once the summer staff begins to wane.

Birthdays abound at this time of year. With a pandemic still in the mix folks have turned back the clocks and focused on good ole fashioned celebrations: backyard barbecues, beach bonfires, fresh produce for garden salads, homemade cakes and ice cream with lights strung to twinkle into the twilight hours.

Recent and soon to be celebrants include: Margaret Maida, Emme Carroll (her first double digits birthday), John Flender, Stan Mercer, Peter McGhee, Sally Cook, Bob Hungerford, Bruce Golden, Meg Orlando, Jane Kaplan, Stanley Startzell, Michael VanValkenburg, Barbara Armstrong, Robert Coutinho, Gerry Caton, Susan Chapman, Rebecca Miller, Anne Mayhew, Jen Wlodyka, Jennifer Burkin, Pinto Abrams, Krishana Collins, Zoli Clarke, Sadie Dix, Salem DenGeofroy, Bradley Carroll and likely many more. Well wishes to all.

May the month of September bring a sense of calm, an opportunity to reconnect with friends and many fish for the dinner table.