Brian Vanderhoop and Elaine Vanderhoop purchased property on Old South Road in Aquinnah from Sophie Clara Geiger (Sophie Clara Kling) for $292,500 on Sept. 1.


Tibidabo LLC purchased 8 Boston Hill Road in Chilmark from JB&DM LLC for $2,800,000 on August 31.

Raymond A. Rubin and Jeffrey L. Shelton purchased 63 Putnam Road in Chilmark from Robert W. Higgins TRS and Peace & Harmony Realty Trust for $2,185,000 on Sept. 1.

Mader MV LLC purchased 0 South Road in Chilmark from Frederick N. Khedouri for $625,000 on Sept. 4.


Cynthia G. Wansiewicz TRS and Eiffel Nominee Trust purchased 6 Noras Lane in Edgartown from Spinnaker Estates LLC for $3,200,000 on August 31.

LDK Ventures LLC purchased 243 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Sebastian M. Pattavina TRS for $400,000 on August 31.

5MP LLC purchased 5 Marchants Path in Edgartown from Bradford T. Fligor and Anne M. Fligor for $1,195,000 on August 31.

Melissa Shannon purchased 19 North Summer street (Unit 19) in Edgartown from Anita Trullinger for $1,770,000 on Agust 31.

Eric J. Siebert and Karen L. Siebert purchased 77 Washque avenue in Edgartown from Steven E. Daly and Sharon McCann Daly for $885,000 on August 31.

Michael M. MacDougall and Amy A. MacDougall purchased 6 Jordan Way in Edgartown from MSK LLC for $2,700,000 on Sept. 1.

Carlos I. Benitez and Maria N. Martinez-Shedden purchased 27 Windsor Drive in Edgartown from William Weibrecht for $580,000 on Sept. 1.

Robert Greenglass purchased 12 Green avenue in Edgartown from Tenney M. Cover TRS, Cary M. White TRS and TC Realty Trust for $1,989,900 on Sept. 3.

Stephen D. Howell and Susan S. Howell purchased 86 Turkeyland Cove Road in Edgartown from Michael J. Shalett for $4,975,000 on Sept. 3.

Oak Bluffs

Copper Properties Partners LLC purchased 20 Paddock Road in Oak Bluffs from Preserve at the Woodlands LLC for $535,000 on August 31.

Piotr Kornalski and Anna Poblocka purchased 14 Rose avenue in Oak Bluffs from Davlyn Mosley and Kyle Mosley for $630,000 on Sept. 3.

Todd Debettencourt and Katherine Donahue purchased 15 Spindles Path in Oak Bluffs from Daniel Richheimer and Jennifer Kennedy for $917,500 on Sept. 3.

Kyle Neyer and Mark Bateman purchased 33 Tia Anna Lane in Oak Bluffs from David L. Merritt for $870,000 on Sept. 4.

David A. Diriwachter and Deirdre L. Bohan purchased 7 Everett avenue in Oak Bluffs from Mary Ellen Rogers for $893,000 on Sept. 4.

William J. Callahan and Melissa D. Callahan purchased 9 Beecher Park in Oak Bluffs from Anne H. Corely TRS and John A. Hargreaves Revocable Trust for $1,366,000 on Sept. 4.

Vineyard Haven

KB on Island LLC purchased 226 Golf Club Road in Vineyard Haven from Rita Guarriello for $1,075,000 on August 31.

John Darcy TRS, Kimberly M. Darcy TRS and 85 State Road Realty Trust purchased 85 State Road in Vineyard Haven from Manley J. Kiley Jr. and Mary Michael Leahy for $800,000 on Sept. 2.

Manley Kiley Jr. and Mary Michael Leahy purchased 71 Sate Road in Vineyard Haven from Michael Cohen and Mildred Cohen for $1,260,000 on Sept. 2.

Marcos Nascimento and Fabiana De Oliveira purchased 116 Franklin Terrace in Vineyard Haven from James A. Johnson and Carole K. Johnson for $575,000 on Sept. 3.

John Regan and Lisa Reagan purchased 84 Quinsigamond avenue in Vineyard Haven from Daryl M. Pietsch TRS for $730,000 on Sept. 4.

Whitney Lunt Gordon and Bryan S. Gordon purchased 100 Center street in Vineyard Haven from United States of America for $800,000 on Sept. 4.

West Tisbury

Timothy H. Bettencourt and Danielle G. Bettencourt purchased 50A Red Pony Lane in West Tisbury from James Neville and Rachel L. Neville for $250,000 on August 31.

Gill R. Kerlikowske TRS, Anna T. Laszlo TRS purchased 40 Norton Farm Road in West Tisbury from Paul I. Weiss TRS, Paul I. Weiss Living Trust for $1,825,000 on August 31.

Susan M. Littlefield and Matthew Littlefield purchased 249 Great Plains Road in West Tisbury from Diane S. Hartmann for $748,000 on August 31.

Tracy Cashen and Thomas S. Gardiner purchased 14 Capawock Road in West Tisbury from Philip J. Cronin and Sharon H. Cronin for $1,700,000 on Sept. 2.

Wardell Eisner and Meghan Eisner purchased 21 Looks Pond Way in West Tisbury from David C. Schwartz TRS and Schwartz Family Revocable Trust for $950,000 on Sept. 3.