TestMV reported one new case of Covid-19 on Tuesday as the Island inches toward 100 total coronavirus cases since the pandemic began.

Statewide, positive case rates remained the lowest they have been during the outbreak — although Nantucket has continued to see new cases climb.

The new case reported on Tuesday — a male in his 70s — brings the Island’s total coronavirus caseload to 98. Of those cases, 74 have now tested positive via a confirmed laboratory exam, while another 24 have tested positive for viral antibodies or been symptomatically diagnosed with the virus.

There are now likely three active cases of Covid-19 on the Island. The number stands in stark comparison to Nantucket, which has had 10 positive tests reported in the last week and still had 42 residents in isolation as of Friday after a Labor Day surge among landscape, construction and cleaning workers, according to its health officials.

Nantucket passed the 100-case threshold last week, and now has 105 people who have tested positive for the virus. Unlike the Vineyard, that total case number does not include probable cases.

In a daily case update, the Island boards of health reported that TestMV has now tested 14,325 patients for the virus, with 27 tests coming back positive and 376 still pending. The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has tested 4,700 patients for the virus, with 46 cases coming back positive and 11 tests still pending.

TestMV continues to test asymptomatic patients for the virus; the hospital is testing symptomatic patients and their close contacts.

The town of Aquinnah has also provided 283 self-administered nasal swab tests to its residents, with none of the tests coming back positive.

Of the confirmed positive cases on-Island, 28 are male and 46 are female. The age breakdown is as follows: nine under 20; 16 in their 20s; 13 in their 30s; 4 in their 40s; 17 in their 50s; 11 in their 60s; and four over the age of 70.

Statewide, the Department of Public Health reported 143 new cases of the virus on Tuesday and 11 new deaths. Nearly 126,000 people have now tested positive for the virus across the commonwealth, and 9,118 have died.

The seven-day positive test rate remained steady at 0.8 per cent - the lowest that number has been during the pandemic. Hospitalizations and deaths also remained low, even as case numbers slightly rise across the country.