The latest estimated construction cost for the Tisbury School project is now $53.2 million — nearly $5 million lower than the previous estimate, school building committee chairman Harold Chapdelaine said at a Monday evening meeting.

The announcement came ahead of a joint meeting planned for Tuesday afternoon, when the selectmen, school committee and parent teacher organization will get their first look at the building committee’s approved design for the school renovation and addition.

Mr. Chapdelaine said building committee members and Tappé Architects of Boston have worked diligently to trim costs without compromising the school’s 28-page education program.

“If you look at where we were and where we are today, our efforts have shown fruits,” Mr. Chapdelaine said. “August was intense.”

The latest estimate covers construction costs only, said Richard Marks of Daedalus Projects, the town project management contractor for the reconstruction.

“This is not for any of the related costs that will need to be included in the final budget,” Mr. Marks said.

The estimate does include $2.5 million for modular classrooms and offices, about half the amount needed to accommodate all of the Tisbury students and staff while construction is underway.

Mr. Marks recommended finding alternative locations for the school’s kindergarten, seventh-grade and eighth-grade classes during the two academic years it is expected to take to finish the building project.

Committee members Reade Milne, a Tisbury School parent, and Tisbury School teacher Rita Jeffers both objected to separating the student body, but Mr. Marks pushed back.

“When we talk about 10 per cent of the entire cost of the building . . . I think there’s got to be a better way than spending five million, especially when there’s so much pressure on the price,” Mr. Marks said.

Full discussion is expected Tuesday, as the building committee seeks support from town leaders before the project heads to voters at town meeting The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. on Zoom (the meeting I.D. number is 970 9930 7662, with the passcode 874638).