JMW Moshup LLC purchased 9 Moshup Trail in Aquinnah from Hamilton F. Cammann Indiv & Trs and Nickm Realty Trust for $1,200,000 on Oct. 15.

CCS Sanctuary LLC purchased 4 Moshup Trail in Aquinnah from No Gate LLC for $4,401,936 on Oct. 16.


Kenneth D. McCracken and Jennifer Dimaio-McCracken purchased 21 Windsor Drive in Edgartown from Michael Del Santo for $785,000 on Oct. 14.

David Lipton and Laura G. Lipton purchased 49 Quammox Road in Edgartown from Lina A. Gostenhofer Trs. and Survivors Trust for $1,600,000 on Oct. 14.

C6 Katama Realty LLC purchased 475 Katama Road (Unit C6) in Egartown from Adam Derechin and Wendy Derechin for $875,000 on Oct. 15.

James R. Gittzus and Sharon A. Gittzus purchased 15 Prices Way in Edgartown from Lawrence D. Nuesch Trs., Lorraine S. Nuesch Trs and Nuesch Revocable Living Trust for $867,320 on Oct. 15.

Brain and Denise Schmidt Family Trust purchased 36 Woddhaven Road in Edgartown from Robert E. Bruce and Susanne Bruce for $1,490,000 on Oct. 15.

Susan S. Grenert and Michael D. Grenert purchased 102 Peases Point Way North in Edgartown from Ox Pond Knoll Nominee Trust and Salvatore Giordano Trs for $2,900,000 on Oct. 15.

Michael Hegarty and Rebecca Hegarty purchased 55 North Summer street in Edgartown from Patrick L. Tzanis and April A. Tzanis for $2,475,000 on Oct. 15.

Matthew Heerwagen and Jennifer Lee Heerwagen purcahsed 7 Welchs Way in Edgartown from William E. Welch and Elizabeth M. Welch for $1,195,000 on Oct. 15.

Kenneth H. Stanley and Nicola J. Stanley purchased 42 Holly Bear Lane in Edgartown from Peter T. Bettencourt Revocable Trust and Daniel S. Bettencourt Trs for $920,000 on Oct. 15.

Nancie Park purchased 7 Forest Circle in Edgartown from George Apostolides and Claire M. Apostolides for $776,000 on Oct. 16.

David Blackinton purchased 5 Arrrowhead Circle in Edgartown from Kristin Warriner Trs. and Almquist Property Trust for $780,000 on Oct. 16.

Oak Bluffs

Dominic W. Owen and Anna L. Markwica purchased 5 Upper Meadow Lane in Oak Bluffs from David G. Pritchard and Nancy H. Pritchard for $1,080,000 on Oct. 15.

Lisa Mitchell, Ronald Mitchell, Segun Eubanks and Shyrelle Eubanks purchased 1 Winnemack street in Oak Bluffs from Robert G. Lister Trs., and Winemack South Intervivos Revocable Trust for $899,900 on Oct. 16.

Vineyard Haven

Dierdra Gray Clark purchased 0 Main street in Vineyard Haven from Philip M. Shapiro for $885,000 on Oct. 14.

Craig Elkind and Christine Lai purchased 585 Herring Creek Road in Vineyard Haven from Louise Grunwald, Henry Grunwald Est., Peter A. Grunwald, Madeleine Grunwald and Lisa Grunwald Adler for $915,000 on Oct. 14.

Herby Duverne purchased 156 West Spring street in Vineyard Haven from Woodrow W. Hughes and Elizabeth Marson Hughes for $702,000 on Oct. 16.

Melanie M. Sheffield and Peter K. Sheffield III purchased 211 Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven from Karin Stanley and David Woerpel for $830,000 on Oct. 16.

West Tisbury

Robert Teixeira and Erin Teixeira purchased 7 Bea Lane in West Tisbury from Daniel Howe Jr., Carl Reid III, and Doris Charles Howe Est. for $830,000 on Oct. 13.

Aretha T. Taylor purchased 6 Rock Pond Road in West Tisbury from Paris W. Major for $305,000 on Oct. 16.