I am so saddened to report the passing of Chappaquiddick resident Allyson Getsinger on Oct. 18 after a 10-month battle against cancer. Allyson was an individual who was full of grace, resonating a warmth that was apparent to all who met her.

It is rare to find someone as good at listening as Allyson. Similar to a journalist or counselor, Allyson had a way of always turning a conversation away from herself and back onto the other participant. “How’s your mom doing?” she would ask with genuine interest, listening attentively to the answer before following it up with another question about a different loved one. She retained all that she was told and always remembered the little details that shape a person’s life.

Allyson was generous, always giving her energy and time to those individuals and organizations she loved. One summer, she graciously volunteered to run the CSA pickups every other week, allowing me to spend that time in the fields instead of on our farmstand porch. She was a dedicated board member at Featherstone Center for the Arts and involved with the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. When my daughter was born during a December cold-snap, Allyson brought us a warm meal and learned that my mom, visiting from Mexico, was ill-prepared for the weather. A few hours later, she reappeared on our doorstep with a thick winter coat in hand.

Allyson loved her family, her face always brightening at the mention of her kids. Her warmth is strongly reflected in each of them. She has left far too early, but I believe her kindness, her elegance, her optimism will endure in those who loved her most.

A full obituary for Allyson can be found in last week’s Vineyard Gazette.