As the end of the year approaches please consider a donation to the Chappy Community Center. Your contribution can be made to the general unrestricted fund or to the Cressy Fund. Log on to the CCC website for full information and instructions for donating.

You can also support the Community Center by purchasing a CCC calendar. The 2021 edition can be purchased on line or on an occasional Saturday when someone will be on hand to sell them in person. Check the CCC Facebook page to see when that will happen again.

Every house on Chappy should have a CCC calendar on the wall and one in your home back in America as well to remind you of where you really ought to be. The cover photo and those accompanying each month are the winners of the annual photo contest. Each one is a gem. This could solve most of your holiday gift giving issues. You will just want to make sure that it’s clear that you were the first to think of it.