Dukes County Commissioner Christine Todd was reappointed to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission by her fellow Dukes County Commissioners at their meeting last week.

Ms. Todd has served as the commissioner’s representative on the MVC for the past 10 months. The vote to reappoint Ms. Todd was unanimous.

“I’ve been honored to serve on the Martha’s Vineyard Commission for 10 months now,” Ms. Todd said. “I look forward to continuing to represent the Dukes County Commission on that board to the best of my ability.”

In other business, the commissioners formally adopted ranked choice voting as their method of appointment when there’s a single spot open on a board and four or more candidates are vying for it.

The county commissioners’ decision to adopt ranked choice voting came the day after Massachusetts voted against state-wide ranked choice voting. Question 2 was defeated with 54.6 per cent of Massachusetts voters voting against it opposed to 45.4 per cent for it. However, on the Vineyard, Island voters in every town except Edgartown voted in favor of Question 2.

Ballot Question 3 did not come up for discussion during the regular agenda. Question 3 asked voters to switch the county treasurer position from elected to appointed. Four of the seven county commissioners — Keith Chatinover, Christine Todd, Tristan Israel and John Cahill— advocated for the change. The ballot question failed.

Commissioners were asked for comment at the end of the meeting.

“Speaking for myself, I was actually quite encouraged by the result we received on Question 3,” Keith Chatinover said. “I thought it would lose by a much greater margin. I think that it proves that the outreach a bunch of us did to explain our reasoning, that it was not a power grab, that it was simply implementing what the Department of Revenue asked us to do in their report. That’s all we were doing. I think that education was effective.”