Suzanne M. Mondo and J. Bruce Maffeo purchased 34 Bijahs Way in Chilmark from Luke Napolitan for $1,025,000 on Nov. 2.

Michael T. Dougherty and Lucy Clark Dougherty purchased 00 Middle Coomb in Chilmark from Christina Miller for $1,735,000 on Nov. 3.

Julia M. Spiro purchased 8B Clambelly Road in Chilmark from Donna M. Smith TRS and Smith Realty Trust for $1,150,000 on Nov. 4.


Elias Mendoza and Chizu H. Mendoza purchased 42 Witchwood Lane in Edgartown from 42 Witchwood LLC for $4,200,000 on Nov. 2.

Nicholas Terrance Lacy and Laura Martha Lacy purchased 531 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road in Edgartown from Georgi Penchev and Ralitsa Penchev for $635,000 on Nov. 3.

Katherine Grae Welch Trust purchased 95 School street in Edgartown from Paul S. Milton and Cynthia R. Milton for $2,500,000 on Nov. 5.

Brian P. Morris and Allison K. Morris purchased 7 Vickers Way in Edgartown from Vineyard Preservation LLC for $1,205,000 on Nov. 5.

Ruth Donohue and Bruce Donohue purchased 17 Eighteenth street South in Edgartown from Madeline Keating TRS and Madeline Keating Revocable Trust of 2012 for $799,000 on Nov. 6.

Thomas H. MacCowatt and Anne L. MacCowatt purchased 19 Pierce Lane in Edgartown from Erna Garkule TRS and Irrevocable Trust Agreement F/B/O Janis L. Krums.

90 School Street LLC purchased 90 School street in Edgartown from H. Thomas Fisher TRS, Fisher School Street Nominee Trust for $3,750,000 on Nov. 6.

Oak Bluffs

Richard Nelson and Deborah E. Nelson purchased 3 Lauras Way in Oak Bluffs from Arlene D. Stark TRS, Ursula Lena Priso TRS and Stark-Prisco Realty Trust for $1,196,000 on Nov. 3.

Holmes Hole Properties LLC purchased 68 Holmes Hole Road, 0 Down Island Farms and 542 Sailors Burying Ground Road in Oak Bluffs from SBS Properties LLC for $1,000,000 on Nov. 4.

John D. Liberator purchased 11 Hidden Cove Road in Oak Bluffs from Anthony W. Forns and Catherine E. Forns for $1,051,000 on Nov. 5.

Mary C. Power and David G. Power Sr. purchased 6 Bayes Hill Circle in Oak Bluffs from Kathleen C. Flynn, Rodrigo Garza and Mora Garza for $995,000 on Nov. 6.

Neva McGhee Osse and Frantz Osse purcahsed 13 Norris avenue in Oak Bluffs from Very Lamb One LLC for $1,035,000 on Nov. 6.

Vineyard Haven

Kazcher LLC purchased 111 Clover Hill Drive in Vineyard Haven from Bruce J. Maffeo and Suzanne M. Mondo for $840,000 on Nov. 4.

Kenneth E. Creasy Jr. and Nancy W. Creasy purchased 73 Howard street in Vineyard Haven from Deborah Ross Reaves TRS and Donald Julian Reaves TRS for $950,000 on Nov. 5.

Andrew Lester Beall and Eileen Holahan Beall purchased 264 Sandpiper Lane (Unit 12) from Jane C. Carroll TRS and Carroll Realty Trust of 1999 for $751,000 on Nov. 6.

James Boyle and Deborah Boyle purchased 72 Midland avenue in Vineyard Haven from James T. Bisson Jr. for $811,250 on Nov. 6.

West Tisbury

Munir Haddad and Laura Holmes-Haddad purchased 50 Red Pony Road in West Tisbury from James Neville and Rachel Neville for $1,400,000 on Nov. 4.