The Edgartown town hall — reopened to the public two months ago — has returned to appointment-only status as coronavirus case numbers continue to climb on the Island.

Edgartown town administrator James Hagerty announced the rollback at the selectmen’s meeting Monday, saying the town was taking all precautions to keep employees safe considering the case rise.

“Out of an abundance of caution, as well as the current metrics and what’s going on outside, we decided to revert back to the town hall being appointment-only,” Mr. Hagerty said.

Residents who wish to enter the town hall will be required to fill out a Covid-19 screener, which employees at the town hall have been doing daily, Mr. Hagerty said. The town will keep the interior door and back door on the first floor locked.

Town halls across the Island closed at the onset of the pandemic after officials instituted emergency readiness plans. As the state and Island began to reopen throughout the summer, many town halls followed suit, reopening in August and September.

Edgartown is the first to announce that its town hall is, once again, closing.

“In light of everything going on, I think it’s the bet for the town, after speaking with the board of health, to revert back to the posture we had several months ago and see how everything progresses over the next weeks,” Mr. Hagerty said.

In other business, selectmen approved an aquaculture license for Liam Cosgrove to grow oysters in the Middle Flats.

Although most oystering in Edgartown occurs in Katama Bay, shellfish constable Paul Bagnall saidMr. C osgrove had come up with a plan to oyster year-round in the less-frequented grounds off Middle Flats on the other side of the town. Mr. Cosgrove plans to use cages placed on the sea floor, however the exact gear and requirements are different, Mr. Bagnall said.

After informing selectmen that the shellfish committee had approved the request, the board voted to unanimously approve Mr. Cosgrove’s permit. Each selectman issued Mr. Cosgrove a hearty “good luck.”

The board also approved the removal of a centuries-old shade tree at 14 Pent Lane. Although one neighbor mentioned that the tree had been featured on Polly Hill nature walks through the town, testimony from the landowner and highway superintendent regarding its limb failure and rotted trunk convinced selectmen to allow its removal.

The tree will be replaced by two five-to-six inch caliper trees, the homeowner said.