Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday. I try my best each year to embrace the positive messages of the holiday and choose to put aside thoughts about the complex history of this day. The idea of being grateful and giving thanks is part of what makes me who I am inside. Thanksgiving, to me, is simply a chance to appreciate the good things in life like family, community and the riches of the land.

Like many, I am caught between a desire to gather with family and friends and the dire reality of a pandemic. The CDC, local boards of health and every health-oriented group in between, is asking that we consider modifying holiday plans to reduce the spread of Covid-19. There’s plenty of information out there on the do’s and don’ts, such as limit the number of guests to your household, stay outside as much as possible, don’t share food from the same plate, wash hands often, keep your distance from others and so on. Taking all of this into consideration, what are your plans? Mine? I’m not totally sure, but I’d be content taking a walk then sitting outside wrapped in a blanket with a generous slice of apple pie with my family surrounding me.

I had a nice little chat with a dear friend, Andrea Geyer, the other day. She always makes an effort to check in and we have a nice time swapping stories about our kids and where they are in life. Her eldest, Bennett, was a star employee at Menemsha Texaco many, many moons ago. He and his bride Mollie call the West Coast home. Ava, who was a bright eyed beauty being toted around in a car seat when I first met her, calls the Big Apple home.

Twins Mariah and Jessica Campbell celebrated their 25th birthdays on Nov. 15 — both are lovely young women whom I will always consider my extra daughters. I’m not quite sure how they have been around for a quarter of a century since it was just yesterday they were elementary school kids putting on a musical performance in my living room with costumes and all.

Judy Mayhew also celebrated on Nov. 15 as did Tara Larsen. Happy day to you and all those who have celebrated milestones this week.

Jane Slater has strung some lights from her porch. I noticed them as I drove by on my way home from work a few nights ago. Seeing them made me smile.

There are some bonito still out there in these warm November waters. Bret Stearns, among others, caught one. Dinner was good that night.

Speaking of dinner, Jenna Petersiel and team at the Chilmark Tavern are still serving up dinner Thursday through Monday. Check out their website or call 508-645-9400 to hear what’s yummy on the menu.

Wee ones Tosh and Marni Fischer have been in town visiting along with their parents Emma and Andrew. Toddling cousin Gene, Grandpa Albert, great aunt Ann Wallace along with numerous others have had the opportunity to enjoy their company. Dockside exploration, beach walks, dips in the Atlantic and trail adventures have all highlighted their visit from northern California. It’s been a pleasure to watch the babes grown up via Andrew’s regular posts on Instagram and even more delightful to experience them in person.

After sitting a spell on Squid Row indulging in donuts coated in the sweet goodness of powdered sugar and proclaiming “There it is!” each time the loon resurfaced after diving for fish, Grandpa Bobby Brown and grandson Bennett took a stroll along the dock. I could hear them talking about trucks and birds and fish and puddles and new boots. I could hear them laughing as they spent time together while dad Aaron worked on, as Bennett calls it, the big boat (also known as the ferry), and mom Lindsey tended to infant Juniper. Bennett sure did seem to have a good morning.