The owners of the Lambert’s Cove Inn, where an October wedding was linked by health officials to at least 10 subsequent Covid-19 infections, told West Tisbury selectmen this week that it’s unclear the virus was transmitted while the wedding party was at the inn.

“They were all living together off-property in a large home in Edgartown, before the wedding and after the wedding,” said Keya Cain, who owns and operates the inn with her husband John.

“That’s a critical point,” Mr. Cain said. “These folks were living together.”

Ms. Cain said inn staff were masked, seating was organized by family units and guests were informed of the rules regarding masks and social distancing.

“We very clearly told them what our mask policy was,” she said. “We have signage everywhere about this.”

The Cains said they were not present at the inn during the event, and only saw photos from the wedding weekend when it was briefly spotlighted on the Vogue magazine website in mid-November. The article was subsequently taken down.

“Some of the pictures show something a little different from what you were describing,” selectman Skipper Manter told the innkeepers.

“At least half the photos were not on our property,” Ms. Cain said.

No consequences face the inn as a result of the wedding, but board chairman Cynthia Mitchell advised the Cains that they have a duty to enforce the mask policy strictly, with town help if necessary.

“I think the big point here is that as owners of the establishment, you and your agents are responsible to request and re-request that people need masks,” Ms. Mitchell said. “If you need help with that in the future, you can reach out to local officials to assist during the event.”

In other town business during the online meeting Wednesday, selectmen voted to renew police chief Matthew Mincone’s contract for another three years.

Effective March 31, 2021, Mr. Mincone’s  annual salary will be $150,000 with benefits, according to the contract provided later to the Gazette. Increases of 2.5 per cent will occur in years two and three, the contract stipulates.

 Selectmen also voted to begin advertising for a new fire chief to replace Manuel Estrella 3rd, who is retiring after 30 years on the job.

“Should this position include the emergency management position?” Mr. Manter asked, speaking about the fire chief position.

“I would like to know what other public safety officials think,” Ms. Mitchell said. “I’d like to hear the current fire chief’s thoughts about this as well.”

Selectmen agreed to let State Road restaurant close through March without relinquishing its year-round license.

“Our regulations allow the board some flexibility for your license,” town administrator Jennifer Rand told co-owner Mary Kenworth, who said the pandemic has intensified the restaurant’s annual challenge in remaining open all winter.

“All the decisions we’ve made since March have been to just stay on our feet,” Ms. Kenworth said.

Reviewing the town department budgets with Ms. Rand, selectmen agreed to increase the annual stipend for highway superintendent Richard Olsen by $7,500, to a total of $57,000.

“An individual is performing outstanding service for our community and has been for many years,” Ms. Rand said. “He looks after our roadways as if they are an extension of his own driveways.”

Selectmen also reviewed the Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s draft energy policy, which is making the rounds of Island municipal meetings.

“We are looking for comments we can take on board for any edits to the policy,” commission member Ben Robinson said.

Also Wednesday, selectmen and Ms. Rand briefly discussed their support for proposed legislation aimed at allowing towns to continue holding online meetings after the pandemic is resolved.

“Last week we had 36 people at our [selectmen’s] meeting,” Ms. Rand said. Members of the public are not permitted in the town hall building, she added, but town staff are working in their offices under protocols she developed with town health agent Omar Johnson.

“Some employees have been able get medical waivers. Everyone else is at their desk, as we have been,” she said.

The town is also moving its annual holiday party to Zoom, complete with live entertainment by Jemima James and friends, Ms. Rand said. The event begins today at 4:30 p.m. and the link address is posted on the town website.

Updated to include annual salary details for the police chief under his new contract.