Aquinnah voters zipped through a special town meeting Saturday afternoon, unanimously approving a series of year-end spending transfers.

With the town hall doors and windows open to let in cold December air, 15 voters attended, bundled in puffy winter coats and scarves, faces covered with masks. Moderator Michael Hebert began by offering his gratitude to Island first responders and hospital employees, and said he is hopeful that the end of the pandemic might now be in sight.

“It looks like we are finally turning the corner on this disease and hopefully by the time we have an annual town meeting, we’ll have a regular meeting,” Mr. Hebert said.

Voters swiftly approved $35,000 for preliminary town hall renovation plans, $12,000 for a new harbor master shed at the West Basin and $4,873 for the town’s share of a roofing project at the West Tisbury School.

They also approved $21,489 to cover a series of bills, and $20,000 for preliminary planning of new auxiliary restrooms at the Circle.

A nonbinding Islandwide proposal from the energy committees in each town to combat climate change by aspiring to reach a group of goals won approval.Voters also approved:

• $10,075 for landscaping work at the picnic area of the Aquinnah Cliffs.

• $20,000 for a parking surface at the town library and repairs to the town hall parking lot.

• $19,198.32 for lease payments on two town vehicles.

• $12,000 to hire a town grant writer.

A package of Community Preservation Act spending requests included $12,000 for the preliminary design of a new playground, food forest and affordable housing on town-owned land behind the town hall, $12,000 for additional development at the Circle and $15,000 for the ongoing restoration of the Edwin Devries Vanderhoop Homestead.

At 1:20 p.m., Mr. Hebert adjourned the meeting.