I typically have had a difficult time writing the date after the new year. I would write 2018 when it was 2019 or 2019 when it was 2020, yet 2021 flows off my pen with great ease. Perhaps it is a premonition of more manageable times to come? One can wish.

We’ve managed to get a full week of 2021 under our belts and, although not much has truly changed, there is a sense of hope among all those I’ve communicated with.

Welcome to the world, Abe Courtney. The son of Cassie Bradley and Patrick Courtney joined the town and the world on Jan. 2. He will make his home nestled in among the trees off Tea Lane. He may not have been born on New Year’s Day, but he still gets to claim the title as first baby of the new year.

The first week of January plays host to a flurry of birthdays. Last week I mentioned a few celebrating on Jan. 1 and this past week there were cakes galore for more including; Tim Guiney, Leila McCarter, Bob Fuller, Steve Bernier, Steve McQuiggan, Linda Coutinho, Heather Arno, Charlie Shipway, Mathea Morais, Sam Eddy, Casey Elliston and Cody Coutinho. A big shout out to those I may have, inadvertently, missed.

The Oskan family has quarantined upon their return from a family trip to Florida. Once their Covid tests come back, presumably negative, they’ll freely move about town and, I’m hopeful, will share more of their adventures. It was Piper and Gwendolyn’s first airplane ride and the first family trip to Disney World. They also managed a trip to the Panhandle where Ella, Piper and Gwen met their great-grandmother.

Ariana Feldberg spotted a muskrat swimming in Turtle Pond the other day. I mentioned to her that every so often I’d see one that ended up as unfortunate roadkill in that area. They are funny little creatures and her noticing it prompted a little back and forth commentary with Albert Fischer and Lucy Keith-Daigne, who both recounted times seeing them swimming under the ice while skating.

I received a wonderful email from Jane Neumann the other day. She managed to see Jennifer and Greg over the holidays and had a FaceTime party of sorts with Cris, Leslie and the boys for New Year’s. Come hell or high water — my choice of words — she will join us again in June. 

Has anyone had an opportunity to read the funny article about the produce washing up on Vineyard shores? I myself have spotted two red onions on Menemsha Beach and a lemon on Lucy Vincent. Do share your findings. I am truly curious if and where a load went overboard.

Congratulations to Falmouth Academy senior Noah Glasgow on his acceptance to the University of Chicago. Molly, Eric and younger brother Jake are excited for him and, one would assume, Noah is over the moon. He, Bella Thorpe and my son Brooks were all in Jack Regan and Cici Drouin’s Chilmark School third grade class just yesterday, learning cursive and reading Rats of NIMH. Where does the time go?