A small protest at Five Corners in Vineyard Haven Sunday afternoon called for the removal of President Donald Trump from office, joining similar pockets of protests around the country.

About 35 Islanders gathered at the intersection at noon, balancing signs and steaming thermoses of coffee, as they called on lawmakers for immediate change following the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

The event was organized by Carla Cooper, leader of the Martha’s Vineyard chapter of the Indivisible Mass Coalition.

“It’s important to mobilize everywhere,” Ms. Cooper said. “This is how they know that the whole country is not going to stand for this and that every day, regular Americans are going to come out and speak out, regardless of how far from Washington DC we are.”

Bruce Nevin, treasurer of the MV Peace Council, was there. “Today the need is obvious. I’m standing up for the democratic institutions that were created in the founding of this country,” he said.

Protestors lined the sidewalk outside the Vineyard Haven post office, waving handmade banners and American flags.

Beth O’Connor, an Island activist who spent the election in Pennsylvania working on voter protection, said she hoped the protests taking place across the nation — both large and small — would help finally bring about change.

“It’s all uncharted territory,” said Ms. O’Connor. “I think as a nation we are coming out today to support the people that are trying to get him out of office and really make sure he never comes back.”

Eileen Reilly, echoed the sentiment. “Last Wednesday, we crossed the Rubicon and there’s just no return. Enough is enough,” she said.