A telephone scam call regarding the Covid-19 vaccine has been circulating on the Island, according to a press release from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.

The scam apparently involves a caller impersonating the hospital, with a message saying that the call is the listener’s last chance to make a Covid-19 vaccine appointment. The caller then requests payment information to make the appointment.

In their press release, the hospital said that the call is “bogus.”

“We urge you not to engage with the caller. This is a scam,” the release states. “At this point, the only people who are receiving the vaccine are hospital personnel, long-term care residents and staff and the Island’s first responders. The hospital is not scheduling patient appointments at this time. Please do not provide personal or financial information to the caller.”

The vaccine rollout is only in its first stages on the Island. On Friday, the hospital began vacciations for approximately 270 first responders.

In the press release, the hospital said it had alerted the police to the scam.

“This is an outrageous attempt to take advantage of people during the pandemic,” hospital CEO Denise Schepici said. “Please use caution and please know that the hospital would never deliver a message like this to our Island community.”