Reimer Mellin and Susan Mellin purchased undivided 1/20 interest in property on Oxcart Road in Aquinnah from Barbara P. Norfleet for $135.000 on Jan 11.


Reimer Mellin and Susan Mellin purchased 5 North Slope Lane in Chilmark from Barbara P. Norfleet for $1,450,000 on Jan. 11.


Schoolhouse Road LLC purchased 62 Schoolhouse Road in Edgartown from Richard K. Pratt Jr. TRS ad Puffbuttons Realty Trust for $1,580,000 on Jan. 11.

Patrick Robinson TRS, Cynthia M. Patton TRS purchased 5 Kitts Field Circle in Edgartown from Five Kitts Field LLC for $2,700,000 on Jan. 12.

Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache purchased 41 Dodgers Hole Road in Edgartown from Matthew F. Rodenbaugh and Julie A. Rodenbaugh for $918,500 on Jan. 13.

Christopher W. Liepman and Rachel Horan purchased 2 Martha’s Road in Edgartown from Mark B. Galishoff for $1,600,000 on Jan. 13.

William Capers Jr. and Dana Capers purchased 4 Chambers Way in Edgartown from Ronald K. Chambers TRs and Red Carpet Revocable Trust for $425,000 on Jan. 14.

Eyrique and Lisa Miller purchased 7 Wood Duck Circle in Edgartown from Linda T. Wang and Kenan E. Haver for $950,000 on Jan. 15.

Megan Jean Varga TRS purchased 11 Huckleberry Hill Lane in Edgartown from Douglas C. Davies TRS and Paulee M. Davies TRS and Huckleberry Hill First Nominess Trust for $980,000 on Jan. 15.

Oak Bluffs

Earl E. Exum purchased 29 Rogers Way in Oak Bluffs from Rodney Firmin and David Ingram for $1,200,000 on Jan. 12.

Jamie Thomas and Brian Sheppard purchased 17 Bay View Avenue in Oak Bluffs from Heidi A. White for $700,000 on Jan. 15.

Robin V. Bagwell purchased 11 Lawrence avenue in Oak Bluffs from Douglas Coe for $710,000 on Jan 15.

Chante Butler purchased 181 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs from Shawn Victor Austin and Jennifer Jones Austin for $712,500 on Jan. 15.

Jennifer Jones Austin and Shawn Victor Austin purchased 86 California avenue in Oak Bluffs from John and Lisa Reagan of $700,000 on Jan. 15.

Vineyard Haven

Thomas C. Becker and Sarah E. Becker purchased 125 Main street in Vineyard Haven from John W. Clough, Bradford P. Clough, Marston Clough, Elizabeth A. Clugh, Anne Jane Morton, Stephen B. Vidmar, Richard Vidmar and David S. Vidmar for $1,350,000 on Jan. 11.

Ian T. Douglas and Kristin Harris purchased property on Clough Lane from Mark J. Campos and Victoria Mae Campos EST for $390,000 on Jan. 14.

Andrew J. Phillips purchased 0 Woodchips Circle in Vineyard Haven from Thomas H. Sayre TRS and Wood Chips Circle Realty Trust for $460,000 on Jan. 15.